Bathroom Bliss: 6 Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Spaces


Smaller bathrooms might be limited in space, but this doesn’t mean that you should leave them empty. It’s true that most people feel limited by their size and find it challenging to design it, however, with the right bathroom appliances you can make it a dream. With the large selection of products, you can make the impossible become possible. Even if there’s limited or no natural light at all, you can still make your bathroom the brightest and most appealing of all.

Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom

Install Shower Glass Instead of Bathtub

Shower glass

When choosing a functional bathroom shower, the first things you should consider are the shower appliances. The most important is deciding whether to install a bathtub or shower glass doors – in this case, installing the latter is way better.

First things first, these shower units are sleeker, space-savvier and better than installing a bulky bathtub that takes up a lot of floor space. It’s said that installing a glass door is way easier than installing a bathtub not to mention the reduced appearance of mould. Cleaning them is a piece of cake, as all you need to do is wipe them down with a screen cleaning brush after every use. This is a 10-second job that will prevent the appearance of watermarks on the screen, and reduce your deep-cleaning time.

Being made of tempered glass means that glass screens/doors are extremely safe to use and you can choose between framed or frameless glass doors. Both of these come in a variety of colours so that you can choose one that will meet your bathroom style and décor. Thanks to these doors, you’ll be able to design a dazzling and spacious bathroom.

Even if you have a small space, installing shower glass instead of a bathtub can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the space. The transparent nature of shower glass allows for more light to enter, creating an illusion of a larger space. This is especially beneficial for bathrooms with limited natural light sources.

In addition, shower glass can also be customised to fit any size or shape, making it the perfect solution for smaller areas that may not have enough room to accommodate a traditional bathtub. This makes it easier to create a functional and stylish bathroom design without compromising on space.

Add a Shower Niche

Instead of hanging a rack on the shower door or placing it in the corner of your shower, you can install a shower niche. This amazing bathroom unit is the perfect space-savvy solution where you can keep all your shampoos and hair conditioners in it. Ready-made and available in different sizes, these shower niche products will help you get rid of the floor clutter caused by your shampoos. No more keeping them in some inconvenient locations, now you can store them all in one place without compromising the look of your bathroom.

These open storage spaces are designed to be installed within the wall of your shower to improve your floor space without compromising your bathroom’s style and appearance.

Towel Holders

Well, this might be one of the most neglected things, however, putting serious thought into it is essential. The assortment of towel holders nowadays is huge especially today with the many options available on the market. However, if you don’t have enough space to install some of these fancy holders, then you can always install the good old towel hooks.

These days, there are plenty of options available and you won’t have to worry about compromising your bathroom’s design and style. If your vanity and shower door are next to each other and you don’t have any tile space to install the hook, you can always install them directly on the shower door or the side of your vanity.

Mirror Cabinet with Built-in Storage

Mirror with built in cabinet

Given the fact that space is a ‘problem’ in your bathroom, you should think of interesting ideas that will help you make it look more spacious without compromising your free space. So, aside from the bathroom vanity, you can also install an additional bathroom cabinet with a mirror where you can keep your towels, medicine or makeup. The type of cabinet you choose will depend on your needs and bathroom style.

Create a Mirror Wall

An easy way to make a small bathroom feel larger is with the help of mirrors. Instead of having one only on your vanity, you should create a mirror wall which will help you make your bathroom look way bigger than it is. Aside from helping you create this optical illusion, a wall of this kind will also reflect light around the bathroom making it brighter as well.

Add Shelving

Since every centimetre matters, you can also use the advantage of installing shelves. The most common choice for bathrooms is the natural wood shelves not only for their sturdiness and appeal but also for their ability to make the bathroom look warmer and comfier. They are extremely stylish and can make your bathroom look luxurious without compromising on purpose and money, of course.

These shelves can be installed literally whenever you want and have a free space. On the wall next to the vanity, on the opposite wall or even above the toilet seat. The only thing to have in mind though is their size. Make sure to measure the space you plan to install them and see what size will fit best.