Backyard Wedding – Tips for When All Details are in Your Hands


A wedding planner is not something everyone can afford. Neither can we all afford to celebrate our weddings in fancy restaurants. Still, throwing a nice wedding is very much possible. Take the latest Instagram garden wedding craze for example.

There’s just something so whimsical and romantic about garden weddings. The relaxed vibe, the rustic details, the customized chalkboard signs… intimate and chic. And it seems that more couples prefer a fuss-free wedding as they consider it an intimate affair that should be shared with the closest ones only. With so many variations of décor, the garden theme can work for any bride and groom. And planning one can be an incredibly enjoyable experience, especially with the right items and mindset.

So, take a spin through our favourite ideas that may help you with the planning of your own fancy evening affair.tablecloths wedding

Break the Rules

Rather than having round tables with chairs, why not deck out a canopy tent. Throw in a few comfortable couches, lanterns, hanging flower pieces and the result will be a beautiful, custom reception space. If you don’t want things to be too casual, you can always place several small round tables with chairs (next to the couches) and cover them with appealing covers. Embroidered chair slips and tablecloths wedding must-haves and are the perfect way to create that wow-moment and impress your guests. Whether satin in a combo with organza or some other type of material (more luxurious or more rustic), chair cover and tablecloths wedding affairs will instantly upgrade your summer soiree.

Keep Things Cosy and Welcoming

Just the idea of hosting your wedding in nature makes for a warm atmosphere alone. However, by adding the bulbs and candles you’ll make the space even more dreamy. Whether you decide to go with lanterns, votive candles, hanging string lights or taper candles placed in the middle of the table, the right lighting plan is probably the single most important décor element of a making your day shine. Literally. Hence, for great photos and to keep the party going, keep it light.

DIY Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a must-haves regardless of the wedding theme, especially at sit-down tables. Aside from adding pops of colours, floral details can instantly transform the reception space and create a whimsical environment. But keep an open mind – don’t get set on one flower in particular and always go with the flowers in season. Also, if you plan on adding flowers to the chair slips, use the same type for table centerpieces. You can place them in long vases if going for an elegant look or use jars if your theme is vintage-rustic.