Pizza Ovens: What Homemade Crispy Dough is All About


You haven’t lived until you’ve made your own pizza. And I say this to every pizza enthusiast reading, who’s had their own share of mediocre frozen pizzas along the way. Nothing compares to kneading your own dough and topping it off with your own homemade tomato sauce, organic cheese, and essentials (e.g. ham, mushrooms).

The cherry on top is when you then throw it all in the special oven to get the incredible taste, flavour, and crispy signature crust for an extra dose of texture. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you become hailed as the family pizzaiolo who’s ready enough to open up their own pizzeria.

Of course, practice makes perfect, and to be able to have fun testing out various textures and flavours, you need to get your own trusted appliance, choosing from a selection of top-notch pizza ovens Australia retailers have to offer. This is especially a valuable purchase if you want to make your own outdoor kitchen fit for entertaining year-round.

In addition to being able to bake much faster than in your own indoor oven, this kind of oven is pretty straightforward with how it’s supposed to be used, so you don’t have to be a MasterChef to know how to make your own pizza in it. Some latest models also offer plenty when it comes to features, accessories, and space-savviness, so you’re really in for a treat! Especially if you keep in mind this appliance can be repurposed for baking much more than just your favourite crust-based dough.

Which Oven Is Best for Pizza at Home?

baking pizza in a pizza oven outdoors

There’s no single or simple answer here, considering the sheer variety of pizza ovens Australia stores have, differing in size, material, convenience and efficiency. Your favourite comes down to a scope of aspects like giving the size a thought, as much as the capacity, and type, so be sure to look into more than merely brushing off the purchase by only focusing on the price and brand.

What’s Your Available Space?

Just because you want to make a family-sized pizza at once doesn’t mean you should if it’s at the expense of usable space. Avoid cramming the outdoor kitchen with appliances that you find appealing or useful, and do the proper measuring up to ensure you can fit in an oven that actually makes the space functional without physically or visually cluttering it. Also, make sure the area where you intend to fit this appliance isn’t anywhere near flammable items or objects – pizza time shouldn’t be a life-threatening experience!

Are Convenience and Efficiency Necessities for You?

This is a question that has to do with the type of pizza oven since gas-based works differently from a wood-based one. Don’t get me wrong, each comes with its own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to choose which pros and cons you want to work with. For example, the gas type is pretty easy to use even if you’re baking several pizzas at the same time, thanks to the gas power source.

It’s very simple to control and change the temperature as you see fit, and the cleaning and maintenance are also a piece of cake, which isn’t to say about wood-based varieties. For beginners, it may be somewhat of a struggle to keep the fire at a constant state to provide a consistent heating source for consistent results, however, there’s also the fact wood creates the irresistible and signature smoky flavour pizza enthusiasts are well aware of.

Once you get to the bottom of safe and proper wood use and how to maintain a constant temperature, you can count on optimal results every time. Don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind between the two as there’s a between option too – that of electric power as the heating source. Easy to use at the click of a few buttons, provides consistent results every time, just what beginners need to excel at creating the perfect crispy dough.

Efficiency has a connection with temperature too, so be sure to check how high of a temperature a specific model can reach, as the higher the number, the faster baking time you can expect. Now that we’ve settled the type and temperature factors, there’s another consideration you’d have to look into – that of design.

In addition to the option you mount on the spot, you can also choose from portable models. The name is self-explanatory, this is an oven you can move around as you see fit and is perfect for anyone who likes to entertain often without being limited by the permanent cooking or baking space. Ovens such as these are compact, and can even be part of your baking away from home; how does freshly baked pizza at the campsite sound?!

How About Durability?

pizza oven in the patio

Since you intend to buy a pizza oven for the outdoors, you have to put durability into the equation too. The good news is you have plenty of options in terms of materials, from metals like stainless steel to traditional designs like those made from brick and clay.

Heat retention and heat distribution are strong points with these. But, if it’s strength against weather elements, and wear and tear from regular use, then a high-end stainless steel model may be your ideal pick.