The Lowdown on Tactical Flashlights


Whether you are running in the park after the sun has set, walking home late from work, or are on an overnight camping trip with your friends, it can be pretty scary in the dark if you don’t have any source of illumination. And what better way to ensure that you see where you are going and keep yourself safe than having a tactical flashlight? It is a very handy tool and it is certainly one that every person needs to have for a variety of reasons.

These flashlights provide stronger brightness than other models of torches, which makes them the perfect choice for law officers, hunters, security guards, survival experts and any other person who needs a super bright light for their job. Furthermore, a tactical torch light is also the perfect self-defense tool because it can temporarily blind a person thanks to the brightness it emits. However, you first need to understand the difference between a tactical torch and a traditional flashlight in order to be able to make an informed buying decision. In addition, here are some other useful buying tips that you should follow.

Set a budget – This is the first thing you should do as prices of flashlights can range from $10 up to a hundred dollars. Knowing how much you are able to spend will narrow down the range of torches to choose from. Generally, what you pay for is what you’ll get – so don’t expect high quality and brightness from your torch if a couple of dollars is all you are willing to pay for it. Instead, spend some more on a top-quality tactical torch light and you will rest assured that it will serve you well for many years to come.

Consider the size – Small size does not always mean low performance. There are some small torches that offer more brightness than some bigger models. However, it all comes down to the amount of power and the number of lumens. If you need a flashlight for home use, size does not matter much. But if you need one for a professional use, consider a compact model.

One of the most important elements to keep in mind when buying a tactical flashlight is the battery type. You can choose between disposable and rechargeable batteries. Also, you need to decide whether you want a special battery which is a bit harder to find but offers high performance, or you want a standard size one which is widely available. The best choice is to go with Li-Ion batteries – they provide enough power and come with an impressive lifespan.

There are torches made of plastic which are low quality, and flashlights made of aluminium considered more durable. In case you do not need a torch for professional use, opting for a plastic model is just fine. Otherwise, you need a torch made of aluminium which is durable enough to withstand shocks, drops, and bumps.

Many LED flashlights come with resistance features, with shock and water-resistance being some of the most important ones. There are some advanced models that can be left in water for half an hour without being damaged. If you don’t need the torch for a professional use then any rating is fine. Keep in mind though – the more expensive the torch is, the more resistant it will be.