Important Safety Accessories to Keep Your Colorado in Tip-top Shape


As with every type of vehicle out there, performing some modifications every now and then is necessary so that your ride performs its best. So, if you’re a proud owner of a Holden Colorado, you will need to do more than just a slight exterior upgrade. Since this is an off-roading vehicle, you will need to be equipped with more accessories that will add to its safety. Check out the most important ones.

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Bonnet Protector

This may not be the most protective 4×4 accessory but it will keep your Colorado’s windshield clean from smudges and help it spend less fuel. Yes, fuel. Due to the shape of today’s bonnet protectors, the wind won’t hit the windshield. Instead, it will go a bit upwards making your vehicle more aerodynamic. Not a lot of Colorado accessories can make this possible.

Bull Bar

A bull bar is quite important, especially in rough environments, as animals or small trees can easily damage your vehicle in ways you can’t predict. As with all Colorado accessories, the bigger they are, the heavier your vehicle gets. That’s why I recommend you get an aluminium bull bar – although it is the same size as a steel one, it weighs less yet it is strong enough to sustain heavy impacts.


A snorkel may not be as obvious of an accessory as a bull bar is, but it is a pretty clever way to protect an important component of every vehicle – the engine. The air intake of every 4×4 sits on the vehicle’s lower front side and if it happens that you enter a deep enough river, water will get to the engine very easy. A snorkel not only does it prevent such thing from happening, but it also brings in cooler and cleaner air, which is an added benefit.

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Fire Extinguisher

Accidents happen and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it besides being properly prepared to fight flame. For this very reason, it’s important that you keep your fire extinguisher close to the driving seat so that you can easily reach it in a worst-case scenario. Make sure it is mounted so it doesn’t wobble around and so that you know where exactly it is at all times.


Sometimes you may want to enjoy the wonders of nature all by yourself, but what happens if you get stuck all by yourself? In this scenario, you would use your winch to get your vehicle out. They can be either hydraulic or electrical but an important feature, regardless of the type you get, is its capacity. Make sure you get one that matches your vehicle’s weight.