How to Turn Your Bathroom from Ordinary to Extraordinary


Having a nice bathroom is a great thing on more than one front. Primarily, it’s going to give you a space where you can truly relax and unwind after a long day, deeming it a safe haven to take a long shower in and be lost in your thoughts and privacy. Secondly, it’s going to significantly raise your house’s value on the market as elegant and luxe-looking bathrooms are quite a feature to have. And thirdly, it’s going to tie the whole look of the house together and unify each room, so your home will give off a more put-together vibe, something I’m sure we all want.

If the time has come to renovate that bathroom and turn it from ordinary to something right out of a Pinterest mood board, I’m here to help you through that journey. Here are the main things you’re going to want to focus on to add that extra bit of spark, personality, and elegance.

To Start Off

Source: Ideal Home

Before you get to any of these categories listed here, you’ll need to figure out the style you’re going to want your bathroom to follow. I’d recommend it be something that matches the rest of your house so the bathroom doesn’t stand out in an unpleasant way.

Next up, you’re going to need to do the bones of the bathroom. By this, I mean flooring and walls, of course. It would be smart to check the water system as well and make sure everything is in check.

Don’t be afraid to make combinations with different tiles around the sink or add accents with different wall colours. Have some fun with it. The thing that makes a bathroom stand out is individuality and a fun moment, so tap into your creativity!

Once you’ve taken care of these things, it’s time to dive into the very intricacies that truly make a bathroom, so here we go.

Shower Taps & Sink Faucets

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Washing central, the shower and the sink in your bathroom are the most-used features in there so it only makes sense to start things off with them.

The very first thing you’re going to want to do is to figure out what kind of shower taps and sink faucets to get. You can find quality-made shower taps and sink fixtures online as well as in physical stores around Australia, so getting an assortment to choose from won’t be an issue. The only thing you’re going to have to bear in mind is to check that the store is well-stocked and can offer you WELS-rated energy-efficient products.

Once you’ve done that, it’s choosing time. The shower taps and the sink faucets will need to go well with the walls of your bathroom, so you can either make them match or use them to create a little contrast moment.

If, let’s say, your walls are a monochrome tile you can either choose taps that follow suit or ones that break the pattern. You can go for either shiny or matte and then decide on the colours. Shower mixers and taps as well as sink ones usually come in silver, bronze, gold, or black, so use these colours to create the mood you’d like to set. Matte screams bold and luxe, while shiny spells traditional and elegant, so you do you and go for the option you like best!

One last thing I’d like to add, a fixed shower head that provides a rain-like spritz is an amazing feature, so I’d highly recommend getting one. They’re easy to use, easy to maintain and look great. As for the sinks, I’d recommend getting bowl sinks instead of stand-alone ones, as they truly add elegance to the room and stand out beautifully. You can go with either marble, stone, polished wood, or glass, depending on what you like.

Counters & Storage

Marble counters bathroom
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Your counters are a focal point whether you like it or not, so you’ll really need to pay attention to them. Rich-looking counters can make the difference between a regular bathroom and an Architectural Digest one, so be careful when choosing yours.

They’ll also provide much-needed storage space in the bathroom, which is why I recommended bowl-like sinks instead of regular ones. Bowl sinks sit atop the counter, leaving the space beneath them open for storing necessities in an elegant way, so you’re going to be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

When thinking of which counters to choose, you can really play around, but always follow the lead you’ve already set with the walls and flooring as well as the shower tapware and sink fixtures.

Marble counters are one great idea, but so are wooden, stone, or well-made vinyl ones, so make your pick carefully. All these ideas are ones that are easy to maintain and will look great for years, so you won’t go wrong with either of them, the only question is within the aesthetics of your bathroom.

As for the cabinet part of the counters, I’d highly recommend wood, whether polished or raw, as it gives a homely feeling. If you’re going for a more minimalistic bathroom though, you can do another sleek material, just make sure it’s as durable as wood is.

To finish off, add some shelves and other matching cabinets to give yourself some extra storage space and some places to put decorations in.


bath decor
Source: Beautiful Homes

Finally, we have decor. The decor is the very thing that will wrap everything up nicely and really make your bathroom stand out, so it opens up the front for playing around and adding your own personal touches.

Many things fall within the decor category, even stuff that’s essential, like towel holders, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and the likes. I’d recommend these things follow the lead of your shower mixer taps and sink faucets as they are usually metal fixtures, but if you’d like to go with wooden, follow the counter’s lead.

Then, once you have these nailed down (both literally and figuratively!) it’s time to think of actual decor pieces. Adding candles to the bathroom will make the whole atmosphere warmer and more unique, so make sure you have some around at all times. You can light them up when taking a shower or a bath and take your relaxation to the next level.

You can also add some art to your bathroom, so look around for fun little paintings or even neon signs to hang on your walls. Interesting word art is always welcome within the luxe, modern bathroom, so you can look online to find amusing messages to decorate the bathroom with.

Finally, add some flowers in there, whether potted or in a vase, to give the bathroom a unified look, get some interesting towels, figure out a nice way to store your shower supplies, like body washes and shampoos, and you’re basically good to go!

One last thing you can do is get a bathroom-friendly rug and place it in front of your sinks. It’s the last step in tying everything together and unifying the look and feel of your bathroom. All that’s left after that is to enjoy your new, fresh, and fancy bathroom!