Custom Letterboxes – Instant and Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Boosters


Your letterbox design is probably the last thing on your mind but more often than not, it’s exactly this small piece that creates the first impression one has of your home. When it comes to making a design statement, it’s usually the details that have the biggest effect. So, if you want to boost your curb appeal, a brand new letterbox can be just the easy and budget-friendly refresh you’re looking for. Yup, it’s high time you replaced your rusty, generic letterbox with a well-designed gem, but where to start?



First of all, the letterbox should reflect the very essence of your home. So, try to think about it as a scaled-down version of your house and get inspired by the style and the materials that make up your exterior. That’s why custom letterboxes work so well. For instance, if you want a wall mount, you can get a tailored design that will perfectly match your home’s siding. You can even have it made with a flush finish for a seamless, interrupted look. The great thing about custom letterboxes is that you also get to pick your materials, and even go for eco-friendly options, like for instance accoya wood. Not only is accoya sourced from renewable timber, it’s also a very durable material that ensures the letterbox will withstand the different weather conditions for many years to come.

Customizing this exterior element means many things: from picking the materials, colour and finish, all the way to adding bold features that ensure there’s no similar letterbox in a 1000 km radius. Be careful, though. I’ve seen some pretty ugly letterboxes that include LED glowing numbers and neon colours, making them look like they belong on the Las Vegas Strip and not in suburban Melbourne. By all means, go unique but tasteful! Engraving your house numbers in a beautiful custom font can be just the right amount of personal touch this element needs. What’s more, a simple letterbox will be easy to decorate for holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Finally, don’t overlook the area around the letterbox. Think of all the ways you can use different plants to make it more lively. If you’ve opted for a post mounted design, adding some attractive edging around it can make it more noticeable. For a more romantic look, consider adorning your letterbox with some beautiful climbing plants that swirl around it. Combining your letterbox with some plants is an easy way to add a stunning landscape element to your exterior. Even if you opted for a wall mount, you can still introduce some plants into the scheme. For instance, you can install a sleek pot with gorgeous flowers or succulents above it and transform it into something unique.