Jade Plant: The Care Instructions You Need to Ensure It Thrives Properly


When it comes to adding life to your home, nothing can beat the beauty of green plants. And since the lives we lead today are pretty busy, stressful and turbulent, choosing low-maintenance houseplants is what we need, hence succulents.

These low-maintenance types of plants are thick, fleshy and vividly green, and can provide you with a plethora of health benefits. Those of you who are following the Feng Shui rules, would be more than happy to place a succulent in their home, specifically the Jade succulent (Crassula Ovata) or also known as“Money Plant”.

This is a resilient and easy to grow type of succulent that has woody stems and oval-shaped leaves. At first sight, this type of houseplant has a tree-like appearance which makes it extremely appealing and decorative. Since they are considered a type of plant that attracts money, it can be noticed in offices, homes and even restaurants. There are lots of types of Jade succulent available on the market, differing in size, leaf and plant shape. This can significantly ease one’s choice.

The easiest way to take care of a Jade plant is to water it when the top of the soil is dry to the touch, thus, not too often nor too rarely. Overwatering can cause root rotting, while signs of a dried out soil can make the plant’s leaves spotty or it can make them fall. On the other hand, jade plants need lots of sun in order to grow properly. Leggy and a leafless plant are the signs of a Jade plant that doesn’t receive full sun.

Tip: According to studies, jade plants can be sensitive to the salts present in tap water, thus watering with filtered or distilled water is ideal.

Regarding the temperature range, these types of succulents thrive perfectly in temperatures between 18-24 °C during the day and 10 – 13°C during the night. However, if they receive the needed amount of sun, they can do just fine at higher temperatures.

Now, proper thriving, this type of succulent needs fertilization twice a year. For this purpose you’ll need a balanced water-soluble fertilizer that should be applied on moist soil, otherwise, the roots might get damaged. Except for the standard liquid houseplant fertilizer, jade plants can be fertilized with a fertilizer made for cactus plants and succulents.