Top Reasons to Buy an Aftermarket Exhaust System

Mitsubishi Pajero exhaust system 2

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Mitsubishi Pajero’s performance, perhaps one thing you haven’t considered is an aftermarket exhaust system. Believe it or not, aftermarket exhaust systems are one of the most common upgrades that many people who seek to improve their vehicle’s performance get, simply because they are affordable, yet bring a lot of benefits for your Pajero on and off the road.

Mitsubishi Pajero exhaust system

Aftermarket exhaust system upgrades are especially common among off-road enthusiasts, who need the extra throttle and horsepower that’s stuck in the engine and is waiting to be unleashed. The reason it can’t get unleashed through the stock system is because stock exhaust systems aren’t built with performance in mind. Instead, manufacturers look to pass all bench tests that put them on the legal side of things. Moreover, manufacturers seek to create the cheapest exhaust system they can, just so they can sell their product at a better price, and you can’t really blame them for that.

However, an aftermarket Mitsubishi Pajero exhaust system is built using high-grade materials such as aluminised and stainless steel, both of which are extremely rust- and corrosion-resistant, and perform well in all types of weather conditions. Moreover, these materials are also very strong and durable, which makes them unlikely to bend and crack in case of an impact. Aluminised steel is the more affordable option, but it isn’t as strong and durable as stainless steel.

Furthermore, an aftermarket Mitsubishi Pajero exhaust system is likely to feature mandrel bends, which are basically pipe bends manufactured using a special technology that reduces air flow constriction. All of this results in improvements in performance and fuel burn rate. Additionally, aftermarket exhaust systems feature wider pipes in general, which allows more cold, oxygen-rich air to get inside the engine. Simultaneously, the toxic emissions leave the exhaust system much quicker.

And perhaps one of the top reasons why many people are comfortable upgrading to aftermarket exhaust systems is because they’re made to be model, make and year specific. There’s an aftermarket system out there for almost any type of vehicle, ensuring it will fit it properly with minimum modifications required. People who are handy with tools may even opt to install the aftermarket exhaust themselves, and almost any mechanic can do it for you. That being said, there are almost no drawbacks to going for an aftermarket exhaust system, except the initial cost. However, with the fuel-saving benefits you receive, the exhaust system will pay itself out as a form of a long-term investment.