Carhartt Clothing Pieces That Have a Role in Shaping the Street-style World


In today’s fashion world, rules are meant to be broken. A great example of this is the popular Carhartt brand. Although known for designing hard-wearing clothing for railway workers, somehow, Carhartt clothing pieces made their way into the hip hop, urban and street-style world. The reason for this is simple, all of them fulfill the main requirements: simplicity, comfort and the use of premium fabrics.

Because of its versatility and popularity, nowadays, you can find Carhartt clothing in all reliable and authorized stores. The assortment of Carhartt apparel is huge, it is available in men’s, women’s and kids’ versions which means that everyone can enjoy in their comfort. In light of that, there are several Carhartt women clothing pieces that make up a huge portion of the wardrobe of street-style lovers.

Carhartt Weathered Wildwood Jacket

When the weather is cooler, women usually opt for this type of jacket as it is warm and can perfectly fit the upper body. It has a Sherpa-lined (polyester lining with a deep and large fuzzy “bumps”) body, sleeves and hood that can be easily detached. It also has multiple pockets, rib-knit cuffs and bottom band for a better fit which is paramount when the weather is colder.


Carhartt Armanda Pant “Griffith” & The Overall Straight “Jasper” Bib Pants

The first type of Carhartt pants for women are a must in every women’s wardrobe as they are fashionable, but most importantly – durable. The Armanda women Carhartt pants are designed of durable cotton “Griffith” twill and have a cut for a relaxed fit with a regular waistline and low crotch which makes them one-of-a-kind. But except for this, the details are what makes this particular type of pants so appealing. The black type of Armanda pants have contrast white stitching, a classic 4 pocket design, zip fly and of course the well-known brand label that is woven on the pant’s rear pocket.

The bib pants also feature a relaxed fit and are made out of 12oz cotton “Jasper” twill. Its vivid black colour makes them easy to be paired with any other colour, while the details like chest and back pockets and personalised buttons are the things that make them more appealing.

Both of these types of pants are pretty popular among women who are into street-style. And when paired with their favourite t-shirt and sneakers, the Carhartt type of pants can become their all-time-favourite type of outfit.

Acrylic Watch Hat

The most popular type of Carhartt hat among both men and women is the beanie. Thanks to its simple design, quality and rib-knit fabric, the Carhartt beanie has become a universal type of hat that can be paired with almost everything.


Clarksburg Pullover Sweatshirt

The wardrobe of urban and street-style lovers would not be complete without at least one type of sweatshirt. And when it comes to choosing a Carhartt one, the most popular one is the Clarksburg pullover. The reason why everyone loves it is because of its comfiness, relaxed fit with large front pouch pocket and pleasant blend of cotton and polyester.