urban garden planters

With technology taking up such a huge part of our lives, the struggle to keep kids away from electronics is real. While it seems cute seeing how fast they learn how to operate them, screen time can be detrimental for kids if not controlled.

Take it from tech elite parents like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who were strict about the use of technology.

urban garden planter

If people like that kept their kids away from electronics, that should be a real eye-opener. Following up their example, I had to find something that was just as much work and mess the same as kids generally are, and the answer happened to be in our very home: gardening! Living in a compact home, it didn’t stop us from having fun, more so after getting urban garden planters.

What I love about them is they can fit in anywhere, so you get to have a garden on the balcony, or even in the kitchen. And thanks to the integrated self-watering system, these urban garden planters make tending to the plants’ watering needs a piece of cake.

That’s what actually got my kids interested in gardening. There’s nothing confusing about the watering: they check the water level indicator (more like stare at it day after day!) and get all excited when the water is gone, so they fill it up all over again.

Yes, gardening takes a lot of work, and kids aren’t known for their patience, but it’s exactly this proving to be the perfect lesson my kids need to really appreciate nature, what it takes to grow healthy food, learn how to be patient when planting the seeds, and waiting for the plants to grow, along with acquiring the adequate vocabulary.

They love being gardeners, especially when the plants they planted end up on their plates. I might as well thank gardening for not having trouble feeding them veggies, and herbs, knowing most kids aren’t that fond of the green stuff. There’s also the fact gardening is a workout in itself, it requires physical activity.

Let’s not forget soil is full of natural organisms and minerals that are beneficial for everyone, especially with kids as it’s essential for their growth, and well-being. Not every kind of dirt should be avoided, right?

I’ve used up gardening to also give them the lesson of eco-friendliness, and why it’s better to choose organic rather than toxic when it comes to fertilisers. Now that they are aware of their choices, walking the organic path, the future doesn’t concern me as much anymore.