Ballet School Supplies – Prepare Your Baby Girl for Her First Class


If your little girl has expressed an interest in dancing and is asking you to get her a pink tutu and satin sleepers, you should consider enrolling her in a ballet class. Besides making little princesses happy and excited, ballet dancing has so much more advantages – it promotes physical strength and agility, boosts concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm and sparks a love for movement.

girls dance dress

Performance days are the most exciting ones – after spending months practicing in her regular ballet clothes, your girl will get to shine in a beautiful ballet dance dress. And when the day for you to choose one comes, you won’t be short on options. Nowadays, there is a wide range of beautiful girls dance dress models – from basic ones to recital and competition styles. What you should choose will depend on the style of ballet she is performing.

Generally, when performing a classical role, ballerinas wear a classical or romantic tutu. When performing a character role, they often wear a longer, fuller dress with character shoes. In contemporary ballet, the costumes tend to be more fitting in order to better show off the interesting lines and moves of their body. But don’t worry, the ballet teacher will inform you in advance of the kind of girls dance dress your little girl should wear during her performance on stage.

Now let’s take a look at what your little angel should wear to her ballet classes.

Ballet Clothes

For everyday classes, most teachers suggest that girls should wear a leotard and tights which are comfortable and allow them to stretch and leap in. Ballet is all about perfecting the precision of specific moves. If the teacher is not able to see how the ballerina’s body is moving, he/she won’t be able to correct her so she can improve. There are some ballet schools that require specific dance attire – if your kid is enrolled in one of them – the teacher will tell you exactly what colour tights and leotards to get her.

Ballet Shoes

Your child will definitely need ballet shoes – they are soft with either a canvas or leather upper part and a suede bottom. They are available in pink, white and black. Most ballet schools do not require a special brand or colour of shoe. The only thing they require is that children do not wear bedroom slippers that look like ballet shoes but do not fit very well.

Other Items

Besides clothes and shoes, you won’t really need many other items. In the winter you might want to pack a sweater that your girl can wear over her leotard. Also, make sure to pack water and maybe a snack that she can have after she’s finished with her class.