Not Outsourcing May be the Biggest Source of Your IT Problems


There is virtually no company that doesn’t have a website, its own server, or at least personal employee emails nowadays. These services are incredibly useful when it comes to streamlining certain work tasks, improving communication, and just making things go faster in general, but they aren’t without their problems. Luckily that is exactly why IT support exists. There is no question as to whether or not a company needs IT support, but the question is rather does it need so much as to have their own dedicated IT department or would it be better to outsource such services?

There are plenty of different advantages to outsourced IT services, but for the sake of brevity and keeping this text under 10.000 words, the two most important ones are the personnel and the resources that you will have at your disposal at all times.


While it is entirely possible to have an in-company IT specialist, it is another matter completely to have a whole staff of experts try and fix any problems that you might have. Any assignment is finished seemingly as soon as it was started, there are more heads trying to decide what the best course of action to take would be, and businesses are provided with the proportional assistance that they need. On that last point, if the company is too small, the designated IT guy will probably have to do other tasks as well, whereas if it’s too big he won’t be able to single handedly keep up with the workload. Simply put, this is the best way to provide yourself with exactly the level of assistance you would need.

When I say resources, I am referring to two things essentially – finances and tools. It has been found that keeping a well staffed and well equipped in-company IT department can be a much bigger monetary sinkhole on a monthly basis than employing even two outside IT service companies. Not only that, but since the company is not wholly oriented towards IT, there is a large chance that the programs and precautions that they are using will become outdated in a matter of weeks. In contrast, the staff that any outside IT service can provide will be flexible and equipped with the latest means of keeping you and your servers safe.

For the sake of fairness, I should also say that there is one common reason why people don’t really like the idea of the outsourced IT services. That reason is essentially that they don’t feel safe leaving potentially sensitive company and employee information at the disposal of an individual outside of the company. While this fear is shared by a lot of people and stems from an understandable initial distrust, it has to be said that there really is no reason to worry. The qualifications of these employees that will be working on your servers were mentioned before, but what wasn’t was the fact that they will be held liable for any actions that are deemed to be in breach of any rules of conduct. They will, of course, be held responsible for any such indiscretion which is unlikely in the first place since they are supervised and all of their tasks and performed actions are well documented. So there really in no downside, but rather only upsides to outsourced IT services.