Keep Your Staff Clean: Best Aprons for Hospitality and Professional Cleaning Services


The main goal of everyone working in a hospitality sector or professional cleaning service is to shield their clothing and stay safe while doing their job. Therefore, aprons are a must among this professional staff. A good apron should not only protect you from chemical dangers and spills, but also keep you cosy and make carrying tools easier.

Since not all aprons are created equal, to make the best selection possible and protect your staff, the following guidelines narrow down the best professional cleaning aprons on the market these days.

Cargo Crew Professional Cleaning Aprons

Protect your clothes while cleaning and caretaking in busy hospitality environments with the Cargo Crew’s high-quality cleaning apron with pockets made for durability. Being a mission-driven company that is passionate about innovative design and has a laser-like concentration on creating resistant, higher-performing products, every Cargo Crew apron is made from a durable cotton blend and canvas, and is designed for excellent wear and colourfastness.

Cargo Crew Professional Cleaning Apron

When visiting their site, you will see that there are many professional house cleaning aprons designs and colour options available, so you won’t have any difficulties finding the model that goes well with your business image and staff. Therefore, you can go for the Henry waist apron which offers immediate apron style with its complementary shorter length. This apron also represents the pinnacle of designer style thanks to its creation from their exclusive Fight the Fade fabric.

On the other hand, if you want to hit the sweet spot for both a fashion-forward and uniform-ready look, then nothing beats Cargo Crew’s Henry Bib cleaning apron with pockets for utmost convenience. Crafted from a premium twill weave, this sturdy and durable bib apron for all-day working conditions delivers an authentic aesthetic that’s signature to the brand.

However, if you don’t want to compromise style for convenience and comfort, then the Cargo Crew’s Henry Bib apron made from denim is your safest bet. These aprons are now worn by over 70,000 crews worldwide in hospitality, event, and retail spaces! And, with its tried-and-tested cross-back style, the Henry Bib Apron delivers a stylish linen-look design without the creasing and washing hassles of the real deal linen.

Yet the best thing about getting aprons for cleaning services from Cargo Crew is that you have the option to add a personal touch to them by having your business logo embroidered, which is very important for your business image.

Professional Waterproof Maid Cleaning Apron

Another option with pockets you can purchase is the Professional Waterproof Maid Cleaning Apron, which can be used for house cleaning, hotels, casinos, and bars. Due to its lack of holes, this apron is trusted by thousands of cleaning companies.

The apron is incredibly sturdy thanks to the military-grade polyester fabric. Moreover, your garments won’t get wet or discoloured while being cleaned thanks to the double-layer waterproof material.

These professional aprons include seven roomy pockets that can accommodate your phone, cleaning tools, and other items. Additionally, it features straps that may be adjusted so that they perfectly round your waist. Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, the Professional Waterproof Maid Cleaning Apron can also enhance your cleaning products and save you time.

Compared to your full-body aprons, this one is more practical because it doubles as a tool belt. Additionally, an apron with a little trash bag attached can be used to collect small pieces of rubbish while you clean, which increases productivity by saving time and energy.

You won’t need to search through every room for cleaning products or your stuff because it has numerous compartments of various sizes. As a result, it is a very functional and adaptable professional cleaning apron.

H-Style Adjustable Unisex Apron

The H-Style Adjustable Unisex Apron is among the best water-resistant aprons. It features two front roomy pockets on the straightforward, unisex design for storing your cleaning supplies, while keeping them safe. The typical long shape of the apron offers excellent coverage, shielding your clothing from grease, oils, water, or cleaning solutions.

H-Style Adjustable Unisex Apron

The precision-machined polyester fabric is safe to use because it is chemicals-free. Additionally, it is made of a thin, lightweight, and strong material that will withstand daily wear and tear for many years to come.

The apron also comes with two movable buttons for the perfect fit. The neck straps are 1.2 inches long for comfortable wear. The apron can also be snugly fastened around your body to shield you from spills, stains, dirt, and filth. Moreover, the H-style at the back of the apron enhances its comfort and convenience.

VWELL Rubber Vinyl Waterproof Apron

When working as a professional cleaner, keeping your hands clean and soft with the right gentle hand wash is important, but you should also protect your garment and body from stains, spills and hazardous chemicals as well.

That’s why the VWELL Rubber Vinyl Waterproof Apron is designed of polyester, giving it exceptional durability and quality. The VWELL apron also includes a neck strap and extra-long ties that can be adjusted. Additionally, the apron’s smooth surface makes it simple to clean, preventing mildew and dirt.

Moreover, this apron has two roomy pockets that improve its utility and convenience for a variety of tasks including keeping your cleaning products safe. It is robust, lightweight, and comfortable so you can wear it for a prolonged period at work. The apron’s capacity to ward off liquids, safeguard your clothing, and keep you dry is one of its best qualities. Furthermore, the nylon straps on it are so strong, that you won’t have to worry about them slipping off.