Optical Cables: Your Perfect Choice for Transmitting Quality Sound


It is both a blessing and a curse when we think we live in such an advanced world, and the reason for both lies in the dependency on technology. Unnoticeably, technology swept us off our feet and made its way into our lives so that now we rely on electrics to communicate with our loved ones, pay our bills and shop. However, whenever power goes out or system failure happens, we might find ourselves in dire straits, regretting the day we let ourselves be so governed by devices. Well, what’s done is done, there no point in turning back now. That being said, devices cannot do without the proper cables which gives cables an important role as well.

The widespread fiber optics found their way into medicine, more precisely with endoscopes in the 50s of the previous century, and then a decade later with telephones, transmitting calls at an incredible rate. Optical cables send information, from one place to another, that is coded as beams of light through a plastic or glass pipe. There are three modes of optical cables that work on different modes: single-mode, multi-mode and thicker ones used in gastroscope.

As was mentioned, they have their use in medicine as part of scanning and military equipment, but probably the mose well known use is with broadcasting and computer networking. With the analogue era put behind us, we live in a digitalised era and without the presence of cables, those for audio signals specifically, you wouldn’t be able to watch your favourite DVD concert from your favourite band or show with high quality sound.

optical audio cable

With shopping made easy, you can find a variety of choices of optical cable audio based to ensure you create a home theatre experience. The optical cable serves as the bridge between the source (TV, laptop, DVD player) and the surround system. It can transmit quality signals even at long distances and because the signal does not get neither electro-magnetic nor radio frequency interference, it makes the optical cable audio options much better than coaxial cables for instance.

Since it has been proven that optical cables are the best choice when it comes to long distance transmission, starting with the fast speed communication in the 70s, due to the fact the signal does not need amplification and repeated transmission, they are also the ideal choice for audio systems in large halls, stadiums, churches and schools. Whatever the occasion you need quality sound for, you can rest assured optical cables are the way to go.