Power Tools: Complete Home Improvement Projects in Less Time and with Better Results


For a species that started off chipping wood and rocks into spearhead, humans have really come a long way, and we have tools to thank for most of it. They’re what separate us from the animal kingdom, and they’ve been around us almost for as long as we’ve been around. Nowadays, however, there are many different types of tools, but more and more conventional hand-held tools are being re-designed as power tools.

Power tools are designed to help the average DIY and professional complete their projects with better results in less time. The term “power tool” might sound intimidating to some beginners, but there’s nothing intimidating about them. In fact, you’ll find out that most of them are safer than hand-held tools. When looking for online power tools, you’ll see thousands and thousands of different products, so if you’re a beginner, it might be a bit overwhelming to pick the ones best suited for a beginner. Here are the top 3 online power tools for beginners:

A Driver / Drill


Most people’s first tool is the driver/drill. That doesn’t really come as a surprise, as it’s a tool you need even if you want to make hanging mirrors, photos, wall shelves much easier. They’re also great for assembly and disassembly projects that include woodwork. These power tools can be corded or cordless. If you’re going for a cordless model, make sure it’s beefier, as cordless models are typically weaker than corded ones, because of the power supply being weaker (battery vs electricity).

A Saw


Saws are multi-purpose tools, and depending on the tasks you most commonly find yourself doing, there are two popular saws to pick from – jigsaw and circular saw. Circular saws are incredibly efficient at making quick work of cutting through material or sheet goods. A jigsaw, on the other hand is ideal for cutting shapes and curves, or even straight cuts. Make sure you use some protection equipment when handling these tools, and use them with extreme caution.

Oscillating Multi-Tool

Oscillating Multi-Tool

Owning an oscillating multi-tool won’t impress your buddies, but it will get a lot of things done. The head of this versatile tool accepts many different attachments that can be used to grind, sand, cut wood, remove grout, scrap, etc. This tool oscillates just enough to perform small tasks quickly without kicking up a lot of dust. You can easily compare this tool to a surgical scalpel. A lot of people question themselves what they’re going to use this tool for, but soon enough find themselves reaching for it frequently.