Dog Deterrents: Things You Need to Know Before Buying One


Dogs are the best pet one can ask for. They are beautiful animals, they are loyal, they are fun and no one is ever as happy to see you as your four-legged friend is. So, naturally, when we adopt a dog, we try to tend to their every need to return the favour of their unconditional love. We train them, we buy dog products to keep them happy and healthy, we try to keep them as safe as possible.

However, anyone who owns a dog, or lives next door to a person that owns a dog, knows that some of them can sometimes be not so well-behaved. They can get quite loud, they can bite anything around them, they can go to a neighbour’s yard, or run after other dogs or get in conflict with them, and they can even get aggressive for some reason, putting someone in danger.

Learn about Dog Repellent Devices


A bad-behaving dog may be annoying, but far more importantly – it can be dangerous to the people visiting you, or passers-by. Because of this, it’s important to have a way to stop them from such unruly behaviours, and the best way is to spend the necessary time training them and invest in products to help you do that. Apart from collars, barriers, treats, etc. dog deterents can also be very useful for training dogs, but they are also designed for protection against aggressive dogs.

Sounds that Help Train a Dog

Ultrasonic dog repellents are handheld devices used to discourage excessive barking, biting or chewing on things. As their name suggests, they emit a high-pitched sound that can deter a dog from doing something disruptive. The sound produced by these compact handheld dog deterents is out of the human’s hearing range, which means that it’s undetectable by the human ear. However, it is still in the dogs’ sensitive hearing range and besides hearing it, they are also annoyed and repelled by it. Sensitive hearing range refers to sounds that are repulsive to the one hearing them. For many people, for instance, fingernails on a blackboard may be a sound they find repulsive.

Harmless for the Animal

Probably the best thing about this useful product is that it won’t harm the dog. It’s also very easy to use, and more importantly, it can be used stealthily, since they are compact, and can easily be hidden.

Protection for You and Your Dog


When you press the button, dogs hear the sound which makes them feel irritated, compelling them to run away as soon as they hear it. However, an ultrasonic dog deterents device will work best at between 4 and 6 metres. If the dog is closer or further than that, the frequency can’t reach their ears, and the sound won’t affect them. This means they are perfect if you want to keep other dogs away from your dog. So, you could use a dog deterrent to keep away dogs that want to get close to your pet, while you are walking for instance, or to keep away a stray dog, or a neighbour’s dog – without upsetting yours, and without hurting the animal in question.

Nevertheless, the most important role dog deterents can play, is protect people against unfriendly or aggressive dogs – for instance, if they are defending a territory and you are passing by, – by emitting the high-pitched annoying sound, intended to confuse and startle the dog. Having a dog repeller device can also be very useful if you are running or if you are riding a bicycle.

Possible Disadvantages

Sometimes ultrasonic dog repelling devices are considered unreliable with aggressive dogs because they don’t work if the dog that’s attacking is too close. Some dogs may also be used to the noise that the device emits, meaning that it may not affect them the same. This also means that you shouldn’t use it on your dog all the time, since it can become useless.

Other Dog Repellents


Apart from handheld dog deterrent devices, there are other products made for the same purpose – to train them and discourage bad behaviour, or to keep dogs away. There are many types –liquids, treatments, motion-activated sprinklers etc. The most popular ones for training, apart from the ultrasonic devices are spray deterrents and dog horns.

Spray Deterrents

The purpose of these small canisters is to train your dog to behave well, to stop them from barking, from chewing on furniture… There are different types of spray deterrents – some you can spray on the item that you want to protect; others can be sprayed directly into the dogs’ eyes – making them more efficient to use on dogs that are close to you. Since the dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, the bad odour coming from the spray, as well as the bad taste, will stop them from chewing the materials. They generally contain ingredients such as pepper, vinegar or citronella oil.

Dog Horns

Also producing sounds to repel dogs, these horns can be very effective, and they are recommended by vets and trainers. Their biggest disadvantage is that they can unfortunately also be heard by people. However, if you press it quickly it won’t emit such a loud sound. These horns are a great option if you are going on camping for example.