What makes life worthwhile? It’s the sort of question many should ask themselves because the answer to it certainly isn’t leading sedentary lifestyles and spending as much screen time as possible, exactly what most of us 21st century people are guilty of. So, what’s the answer to the question you ask? Simple: travelling. I’m sure you’ve already heard “You haven’t lived if you haven’t travelled” and let me tell you, it isn’t far from the truth.

If this doesn’t get you going, the rest of the article sure would so brace yourself and work on increasing your savings, you’ve got some spending to do. Though Australia isn’t short on breathtaking natural beauty and new places to discover and explore along with getting acquainted with the variety of flora and fauna, the vibrancy South America offers is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on and what better way to feel it than by making Brazil and Argentina holidays part of your upcoming future.

As South American countries, both Brazil and Argentina have cultures that pride themselves on their omnipresent high-end energy, over-pouring in their cuisines, lifestyles, sports and dances. Where else would you expect to see people dancing samba and tango on the streets and get the courage to join up yourself? The richness in flavours of all the specific fruits and dishes, history and sights that take your breath away make for memories that last a lifetime and the wish to get to know more of these countries and their unique traditions – everything that makes them the blend they are.

Considering they’re both famous for their football passion (Brazil in particular), and the out-of-this-world Iguazú waterfalls they share, you can count on finding a great deal of options of Brazil and Argentina holidays and escorted tours. Along with waiting for rainbows to appear over the vast area of the falls (2.7 km to be exact), from either Argentina’s Misiones side or Brazil’s Paraná, something all nature lovers would enjoy, you could also discover the mysteries hidden in the grand greenery of Patagonia, Pantanal and Amazon.

Wine and history lovers aren’t left out either: the joy of strolling down Mendoza’s wine valleys and giving the palate the taste of exquisite Argentinian wines, and exploring the streets of the towns abounding in colonial architecture, gold mines and colourful gem stones in the Minas Gerais region. If you’re up for some cultural exploration, Buenos Aires and São Paulo have a lot to offer: from losing track of time in the mountains of books at El Ateneo and Libraria Cultura libraries, the famous cemeteries, old and contemporary museums, cinemas and opera halls, to the attention-grabbing graffiti by known and unknown artists. Let’s not forget Rio de Janeiro’s unrivalled beauty as you look at the whole city from up above at the Corcovado while trying to take the perfect picture of Cristo Redentor.

And of course, what better way to learn a country than by tasting its savoury dishes and drinks. As soon as you lose energy from all the city exploration, you can count on mate to give you your strength back and get you on your feet again for more adventures. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to binge on churros, while meat lovers are having a feast of picanha at the overcrowded rodízios.

While enjoying your bites, you can be sure these two countries would bite you with the travelling bug so you better start packing up your bags.