Sharing Experiences: Why You Will Love Living in Sydney


Last week, I met with a close friend of mine who moved from Newcastle to Sydney a couple of months ago. The moment I saw the bright look on her face I knew that she’s deeply enjoying her new life in this urban jungle of ours. After our sweet but short reunion, I realized that someone else’s perspective was exactly what I needed to be reminded that despite all the inconveniences (like the high cost of living), living in Sydney can be an unforgettable experience.

Yes, the beginnings are always tough. Everyone who is a (relative) newcomer to this city will tell you that finding a reliable moving company, the services and moving supplies that won’t bust your budget, as well as an affordable apartment in a place as big as Sydney, can be a rather difficult task. That’s precisely why so many people try to save some money by executing the whole process of moving out of their old residence and into their brand new one all by themselves. Before you become one of these individuals, let me remind you that you cannot and will not get this done (well, at least not successfully) without careful planning, organizing, and the right moving supplies for all of your precious belongings.

Sydney at NightSpeaking of moving supplies, if you want to protect your fragile possessions properly, you will not only need good-quality cardboard boxes, but other packing supplies like bubble rolls and covers as well. Bubble wraps are ideal for protecting photo frames, vases, and all kinds of glass objects. Covers and blankets, on the other hand, are intended for larger items, including furniture pieces. You should have this in mind when shopping for packing supplies.

Yes, the whole process of moving out is rather stressful and exhausting. However, once you finally settle into your new urban home and start feeling like a true Sydney resident, you will begin to see the endless possibilities this enchanting metropolis offers. From great career opportunities, rich and vibrant cultural life, to beautiful parks and nature reserves, I believe Sydney has everything it takes to satisfy every modern person’s needs and desires. No wonder it is populated by millions of people of many different nationalities. Leichhardt (known as Sydney’s ‘Little Italy’) and Cabramatta (home to Australia’s largest Vietnamese community) are the two suburbs most longtime residents of Sydney name as perfect examples of its national diversity.

When it comes to having fun in Sydney, you will be glad to learn that every month the Sydney Opera House is booked with touring rock bands, theater productions, and/or a visiting orchestra. Furthermore, this wonderful city is full of world renowned restaurants and night clubs, which only confirms that life in Sydney is never dull.

Even the most passionate nature lovers enjoy living in this metropolis, for it is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Whenever you feel the urge to escape the urban jungle, you can visit one of Sydney’s national parks or take a relaxing walk along its coastline. I know you don’t need one more reason to admit that Sydney might easily steal your heart. All you have to do is let it.