Tips for Creating a Cat Friendly Home: A Happy Cat Is a Healthy Cat


Cats are beautiful and curious creatures with unique personalities. As cat parents, many of us are used to treating our cats as family members and we do our best to meet their needs and make sure they are comfortable and happy at all times. Knowing your cats’ habits and routines is important and can help you take better care of them at any stage of their life.

Your cat spends most of the time in your home, therefore, it’s important to make sure it’s a cat-friendly space. Here are three simple, yet effective ideas that can help you create a kitty haven in your home.

Basic Cat Supplies

The list of cats supplies you need when adopting a new kitten or cat can be overwhelming. Figuring out what to feed your cat can be a challenging task, but did you know that the way the food is presented can affect your cats’ decision if they are going to eat it or not. Cats can be picky, so make sure to choose cats supplies that will meet your feline friend’s needs and requirements.

Water Bowl


When it comes to drinking water, cats are shy and want to take their time and enjoy the moment. That’s why try not to place your cat’s water bowl near any entrances, exits or busy parts of a room. Keep it away from their food bowl and the litter tray and if you have more than one cat, then make sure there is a bowl for each one of them. To avoid competition and tension, place the bowls away from each other.

Food Bowl

Same as the water bowl, your cat’s food bowl should be placed away from entrances and exits and away from the water bowl and litter tray. If you are taking care of more than one cat, never put the food bowls close to each other and always have a food bowl for each cat and one extra, just in case.

Litter Tray


The placement of the litter tray is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to create a cat-friendly living space. You need to choose the right size and location for them, to make sure your cat is going to use the litter. The area you choose for litter tray placement should offer privacy and be away from your cat’s food and water bowl.

Cat Scratching Posts


A cat scratching post is a must-have for every healthy and well-adjusted cat, even though it may not seem like an essential accessory at first. Your feline friend needs an outlet for their urge to scratch and providing a post for that purpose is a great choice as it can save your furniture, carpeting and drapery.

A scratching post is best located near an entrance, exit or sleeping area, in order to avoid furniture scratching. Make sure to choose a cat scratching post that is tall enough, so your cat can stretch to its full height. Having one or two cats scratch-approved objects in every room your cat spends some time in is a great deal that can make both you and your purry friend happy.

Scratching is an instinctual habit that provides many benefits to cats’ health. It helps them shed loose layers from their claws and removing those dead layers plays a big role in keeping their claws healthy, sharp and always ready to attack.

Stretching helps cats stretch their whole body, including the paws. It helps them keep their muscles in great shape and also it helps them get a bit of exercise. More importantly, it can reduce stress as digging their claws into the right kind of fibre can be very satisfying for cats.

Scratching posts are available in all shapes and sizes and are a great addition to any home with a feline family member. Most scratching posts are free-standing, upright wooden posts covered with thick sisal twine or carpet, with platforms.

Interestingly, but cats also use scratching as a marking tool, so they will surely mark near where their favourite person is. That’s why it’s a good idea to place the post in an area you spend a lot of time in. it’s a safe way to ensure your cat will make use of the scratching post.

Cat Bed(s)

Cats can fall asleep in different places as long as they feel comfortable. Very often, they can rotate their sleeping spots to find a different resting area away from open and busy parts of the home. When cats wake up, they like to scratch, so placing a scratching post near their bed might be a good idea.

However, rest is an essential part of cats’ life. A cat bed is one of the essential cat supplies to buy before you adopt as your cat will spend a lot of time in the bed, so you want to make sure it’s comfortable and cosy. Having a comfortable bed to go to every time they feel it’s time to take nap, can make your cat feel more relaxed and happier. Cats are territorial by nature and appreciate their own space.

There are many different types of cat beds, including doughnut cat beds, cat igloo beds, cubbie beds and more. Choosing the right bed is essential for making your cat feel comfortable and ensuring maximum stability and enough space for their favourite activity – sleeping.

In the end, make sure to play with your cats. Cats need stimulation whether it’s a laser pointer, tie with a ball or any other toy. Take some time to teach them fun tricks as the more you bond with them, the happier they will be and will sleep tightly.