How to Find a Moving Company That Fits Your Budget (And Won’t Lose Your Stuff)


Moving can be one of the most stressful events in life, on top of that, finding a good moving company that will do the work without major screw ups can be a daunting process. However, there are ways that you can avoid mishaps and make the process convenient. I’ve heard stories from close friends in Australia that are horror-like – breaking valuable items, losing items, adding last minute fees or scamming them. Luckily for me, none of that happened when I moved to Sydney, and the process was quite a pleasant one, I was scared at first about the whole situation, but I found a convenient moving company Sydney residents recommended on a social media website and everything turned out fine to my surprise.

Moving Company Sydney

As I mentioned above, ask around for a reputable moving company, ask friends, real estate agents or look online for a company that operates in the area you are moving to or from. I was pleasantly surprised to see the high amount of moving company Sydney had, and at the professionalism some of them displayed on their web pages, making it very convenient to approach them and talk the details of the move. Talk to a few, don’t hire the first one you stumble upon; talk about your budget and the whole procedure – what they offer, how quick they can get everything done, etc.

The price will ultimately come down to a couple of factors, including:

  • Labor and Materials
  • Transportation Charges
  • Special Handling (antiques, art, glass tops, mirrors, pianos, etc.)
  • Storage Charges
  • Servicing Electric Appliances
  • Additional Insurance (in transit or storage)
  • Additional Charges (difficult entry, stairs)

Being informed is the most crucial thing, you have to feel that all your possessions are safe and sound at all times! Maintain open communication with the moving company, tell them everything about your new home, access points, rooms, stairs, etc. The more they know – the better. Discuss all the details and plan accordingly.

After you select the mover, you should feel confident about everything, confirm details and dates and get a signed bill and order of service. Get a copy of the mover’s inventory list and provide directions about where you want your items in your new home. Get a number from the movers through which you can reach them at any point of the moving process.