Stay On Track With Your Project: Hire Town Planning and Building Services

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So, you’ve finally decided to take up that building or renovation project you’ve long been dreaming of – kudos! Now, before you see the process take place, however, you’re going to have to consider whether or not you’d need a permit for it as Australia has its own set of laws and regulations you ought to comply with if you want to move from planning to construction and avoid any penalties.

Going through it all on your might set you off for an arduous start that you’re probably not up for if you care about time and finances. Whether you think of it as an unnecessary expense or not, hiring a professional to take care of this part of the planning and building process for you is sure to set you on the right path – the path to success and results.

Why Count on Professional Help for Permits?

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First of all, these are people who have the right certifications and diplomas in building and construction, the needed skills, and the experience in dealing with such situations. This means that you can leave the project in good hands, knowing you’ll see it materialise. Besides taking care of the bureaucratic part of the matter by applying for town planning permits and building permits and getting the said approvals, they further offer additional expert services.

Whatever it is you need more help with concerning the project, be it with the planning process or the evaluation of the development and site investigation, the budget planning and time expectations or identifying potential risks and problems, and hiring external consultants and construction workers, they can take care of it all for you. What you invest would more than pay off in the long run, considering:

They Help You Get Approved

Dealing with authorities, laws, and regulations, and applying and waiting for approvals of building or town planning permit can be a stressful experience no matter whether you’ve been through a similar situation before this. Not only do the professionals have all the knowledge when it comes to which permit to look for at which institution and which document to acquire, but they also know all the local laws, as well as safety, health, and environmental legislations. This saves you from extra fees on failed applications.

The standards of the streetscape, local area, site amenities, and neighbourhood are additional aspects the professionals look into to ensure approval. If necessary, they can provide you with insightful ideas and suggestions on what needs to be altered with your planning, so you increase your chances of getting permit approval. It doesn’t matter if it’s a response to Council requests for additional information, post-approval negotiations, or even a court appeal – hiring the services of professionals leaves you with a far better outcome than taking care of it all on your own.

They Save You Time and Money

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As busy modern-day people, we’re all pressed for time, so there’s no doubt time is of the essence – this is especially true for a construction endeavour waiting ahead. Moreover, more time going to waste equals more money going to waste, so it’s in your best interest to see the project through in a shorter period.

These professionals are qualified to assist you with the planning process of the project, as well as seeing it through in the following stages – beyond the application and town planning approval. They also know which external professionals to hire should you require a constructor, a surveyor, an architect, or an engineer – all the right experts to get you the perfect design that’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and above all designed and built according to the regulations.

Town Planning Permit vs. Building Permit

Although it may seem that the two are the same thing and that they can be used as interchangeable terms, they’re not. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may require one or the other, or both, so instead of going through the hassle of learning about laws and permits, you can let the experts take care of this for you.

Town Planning Permit

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Although not always required like the building permit, the town planning process is usually needed for the approval of the local Council to use or develop a specific land area. As such, it’s a step that comes before the building permit and requires the documentation of site plans and proposals plus your written support. With this permit, you get a certain timeframe within which you’d have to act, and it consists of several parts such as a preamble, conditions, and notes.

Building Permit

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This has to do with your project and grants the certification as proof that it complies with the building codes and laws. It can be provided by both the local Council and the private building sector. Of course, whether or not this is needed is something professionals can advise you on, as not all projects fall under the requirement.

Repairs that are of a maintenance nature, minor alterations and demolitions, garden sheds taking up less than 10m2 floor area, and pergolas are some exceptions where you don’t need this permit. You can expect there to be several inspections throughout the construction of your project, and one last one upon completion.