The Perks of Individual Faux Lashes


Faux lashes, or falsies, as many of us so dearly call them, have been a fan-favourite makeup addition for many years. Originating hundreds of years ago, the need for fuller, more luscious, luxe-looking eyelashes has been a driving force in the beauty industry with competitors racing to invent better, more practical solutions every day.

Both men and women love and wear their prefered type of lash extension to add a bit of accent and round up any look, from soft glam to drama queen eyes. It’s probably their diversity that makes them so popular, as well as the age-old belief that accented, long lashes are attractive and beautiful.

This, however, isn’t the only diversity lashes hold. Aside from their ability to improve literally any type of look, they also come in different types. We could spend a lot of time categorizing them, but the truth of the matter is that in the end, they all fall into one of two categories – strips or individual lashes.

Strips or Individuals?


If you’re getting ready to buy your pair of luxe lashes, this is a question you’ll need to answer at the very beginning. Which do you prefer? Both of these types of falsies have their own perks as well as downsides, but if you ask me, I’ll have to recommend individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, strips are a classic, evergreen choice, but when it comes to diversity, options, and space to play around, individuals are definitely the way to go.

Let me get a bit deeper into the subject.

More Control Over Application


You might say that strip luxe lashes are easier to apply and you won’t be wrong. Strips are very beginner-friendly as all the little strands of hair are attached to the same band, making it quite a breeze to apply them once you get a good grasp on a technique for your eye shape and preferred luxe eyelashes. Strips also allow you to achieve a well-rounded look almost immediately, but as much as this is a perk, it’s also a setback, especially for the creatives out there.

You see, while a strip eyelash will give you that glammed up look in a second, it will also stop there. Pre-made as it is, your strip lash has a limited range, which in turn limits you and your creativity. Some may say simple, and I’ll agree, but I’ll also have to emphasize limiting.

Individual luxe eyelashes, however, are all about freedom of application and exercising your imagination. Instead of giving you a pre-made, already seen look, they allow you to experiment and place each strand of lashes wherever you feel you need it to be, handing over control of the look to you and you alone.

This allows you to truly tap into your artistry and create unique looks nobody will really be able to duplicate. It also allows you more space to work with your actual eye shape and enhance the parts you’d like while leaving others intact.

Natural, Dramatic, and Everything in Between


As I said before, a luxe faux lash will definitely be a best friend to both a natural and a dramatic look, but that limiting factor still exists. I see a lot of girls cutting up their lash bands to gain more control over their diverse looks when all they really have to do is get a pack of individual falsies and call it a day.

Just like strips, individuals also come in a huge variety of styles, so you can still get that pre-made safety net, but instead of staying with it on shore, you can throw it into the sea of your vision and originality and explore all the options available without a worry in the world. Even though individual lashes can be considered more advanced than their strip cousins, all it takes is a bit of practice to apply them like a pro.

Individual luxe eyelashes can be as soft as a summer breeze and great to wear during the day or as heavy as a black, smoky cat-eye to rock on well into the night. What’s more, you can find an individual lash extension for virtually any other look in between these two, and even if you don’t buy specifically for an occasion, you’ll still be able to adapt your individuals and make them work, exactly because of that freedom we spoke of earlier.

Very Affordable


No matter if they’re made from mink hair, human hair, or a synthetic blend, individual luxe eyelashes are always sold in bulk, providing you with various pairs to play around with and use on the daily. Furthermore, they are just as reusable as strip eyelashes, so all you really need to do is clean and store them properly to be able to reuse them a bunch of times. However, many find no need for this as the packages come with quite a number of falsies in there, but having the option certainly is liberating.

If you like what you’ve read I strongly urge you to get a pack of individual eyelashes and witness their power firsthand. I guarantee you’ll love it!