Welcoming a Puppy: How to Choose Dog Crates and Carriers


Being able to adopt or buy a puppy is many people’s dream. But with a puppy, comes great responsibility as well. You need to take care of it and make sure that it has everything it needs. From proper food to a safe place for sleeping, there are many pet necessities that you need to consider.

Maybe you’ve already examined the reasons why having a dog training collar is a good idea or you’ve looked into all the chew toys that your puppy might enjoy, but did you know that dog crates and carriers are as important as well?

Why Dog Crates Are Essential for Your Pet?

Dog crates or cages are enclosures where your dog can sleep, play, or be safe during transportation. They have the same function as baby cradles or playpens but just for your puppy. There are many designs on the market, but you might want to choose a portable dog crate that’s easy to move around so you can use it for different purposes and in different locations.

Metal Crates for Greater Security

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Metal or wire crates are the most commonly sold enclosures. They are made of metal wires and provide the best airflow of all the crates. They are also the ones with the greatest visibility so you can see your dog all the time.

These puppy crates can come in all sizes and several shapes, so you can see which one works the best for your space and your dog. If you want the puppy to use it just for sleeping, a smaller portable dog crate would be the right choice. But if you want to provide your dog with a bigger space for playing and spending more time in, you should consider bigger crates because your dog needs to feel comfortable.

Metal crates are the most durable and sturdiest ones so they are harder to destroy. This especially comes in handy if your dog wants to chew on things or for bigger breeds. Many designs of metal crates are easy to break down and fold so you can store them when you don’t need them or move them to another place.

If smaller, they are suitable for transporting your dog in a car but if you want to take your puppy on a plane, airlines usually have regulations that state what kind of crates they allow and metal crates aren’t among these.

They’re easy to clean because of their simple construction, and blankets and other things can be added for greater comfort. The crate can be covered if your dog needs some privacy, for better sleep at night, or during travelling.

Wooden Crates as Stylish Addition to Your Home

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Wooden dog crates are made to be used if you want to incorporate them into your home décor. They are used as a stationary place for your dog because wood isn’t something that’s practical for transport.

They come in numerous designs so you’ll find something that goes with the style of the room for sure, and their use can be extended by using them as small tables as well.

The downside of wooden crates is that they’re hard to clean. Wood isn’t the most suitable choice for wet conditions and it’s susceptible to scratching and chewing.

Crate Training

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You might have heard of dog deterrents for training your dog but crate training can be of great use as well. This is the process where your dog becomes accustomed to the dog crate and doesn’t feel scared or anxious when in it.

The training needs to be a positive experience for the dog and not a punishment. Use treats for training and avoid leaving your dog inside for a longer period of time.

Getting used to the crate creates a safe environment for the dog where it can relax and know that that’s its territory. During travels, the dog will be used to the crate so it’ll feel protected. It’s also useful when guests come to the house and the dog can go in its crate to rest.

What’s Great About Dog Carriers?

Although dog crates are portable and come in every size possible, dog carriers are usually smaller and used for easily carrying your puppy around. As a result, they are the preferred option when it comes to transporting a dog. They are useful to have around if you’re planning to take your pup on a road trip or on a plane.

Hard-Sided Dog Carriers

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These are usually made of plastic and approved by airlines for safe flying. Some of them might even have wheels for easier transport. They might not be the best-looking ones but are more solid than soft-sided carriers. They allow more privacy for your pet but don’t have the best ventilation when compared to the wire crates.

When it comes to cleaning, they can be easily cleaned and, what’s more, plastic is durable and provides good protection for your puppy.

They are bulky and don’t allow to be folded so storing them might be a little harder. Plastic is easy to destroy and chew on and might absorb that dog smell after some time.

Soft-Sided Dog Carriers

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These carriers are made of soft material and padding. They’re mostly used for travelling because they’re light in weight but aren’t the first choice for using at home. Some models allow to be worn as bags on the shoulders or in the hand but this depends on the size of your dog.

They comply with airline regulations and are allowed to be taken on a plane. They’re probably the most comfortable ones for your pet and allow to be washed, folded, and are easy to store when not in use.

They are inexpensive and the most stylish ones, so they’re often chosen because of their versatile designs. You can find them in any colour and pattern that you want.

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Some of the cons would be that soft-side carriers are hard to clean. Materials absorb everything so they wouldn’t be the best choice if your furry friend isn’t potty trained. Also, if your dog isn’t used to crates, they might feel confined in this type of carrier. They aren’t suitable for dogs who like scratching and chewing since textile is easily ruined and they aren’t very durable and long-lasting.

Soft carriers are mostly used for smaller breeds because big dogs are heavier and the material wouldn’t withstand their weight. They’re also the least secure ones and isn’t advisable to leave your dog in them unsupervised. If you want to keep your dog safe during car travels, you need to make sure that this type of carrier is secured so it doesn’t slide or move in the car.