Expand Your Little One’s Horizon with Miniland Educational Dolls


Educational toys are a very important part of your little one’s growing process. Besides elevating their learning process and mental development, they can be a fun replacement for children’s usual playthings. These toys are so versatile and suitable for children of every age – from the toys that encourage interactions in newborns to the ones that help little children learn different skills.

But when it comes to choosing educational toys for your lovely little one, the Australian market is truly overflowed with different local and international brands. Talking about educational toys brands, “Miniland” is the one that many parents worldwide trust, and there’re many reasons for that. Let’s see what this brand has to offer for your little ones.

Miniland Strives for a World that Is More Open

There’s no doubt that we all want only the best for our little ones, but every parent has a different mindset about what’s best for their children. Miniland is a brand that appreciates different mindsets, and this is why their purpose is to take your little one’s special light and let it shine out as brightest as possible. They’ve been doing this successfully for over 50 years in our land, America and most of the European countries.

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In fact, Miniland dolls Australia made designs offer the best of both worlds – with their huge range of social and emotional learning toys, they’re always aiming to teach values such as diversity, cooperation, inclusion and tolerance. They also want to teach parents worldwide that caring and teaching doesn’t mean protecting and indoctrinating, but it’s rather admiring, encouraging and connecting to the world full of differences in a healthy and natural way.

Not only did this mindset help Miniland win many parents’ hearts, but they have also acquired Parent’s Choice award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation as well as Best Toy Awards in 2014 and 2015 by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers and an Independent Toy Award in 2014.

Miniland Toys Featuring 8 Types of Intelligence

We already saw that Miniland’s goal is to experiment with the world from multiple perspectives, using a learning-by-doing, hands-on approach. This is why their toys are featuring 8 types of intelligence that are very important for your little one’s development.

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Body and Movement

The body and movement, or kinaesthetic intelligence will develop your child’s ability to express feelings and ideas as well as the ability to transform things with its hands. This is a very important intelligence, especially for athletes, dancers, surgeons, artists and mechanics.

Emotional Journey

Emotional intelligence will give your child the ability to recognize its own and the emotions of others, distinguish and label different feelings, use those emotions to guide thinking and behaviour and manage them so it can adapt to different environments and achieve its goals.

Exploring Nature

Naturalist intelligence will foster your child’s curiosity about the planet and living things such as plants, animals, oceans, mountains, weather, etc.

Logical Thinking and Math

The logical thinking intelligence will elevate your little one’s ability to carry out mathematical operations, analyse different problems logically, investigate different issues scientifically, detect different patterns and reason deductively.

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Rhythm and Melodies

Musical intelligence is important to develop your child’s ability to perform, compose and appreciate music and different musical patterns.

Social Engagement

Working on your little one’s social intelligence will help it to get to know itself better get to know others, develop social awareness, evolve social beliefs and attitudes and have an appetite to manage complex social challenges.

Speaking and Listening

Developing your child’s linguistic intelligence is important to help it deal with both spoken and written language as well as to speak and write itself so it can achieve its goals, improve problem-solving and increase abstract reasoning.

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Visual and Spatial Perception

Visual perception is very important to accurately perceive the visual world, re-create, manipulate and modify different aspects of its life, deal with shapes, patterns, designs and the entire spectrum of colours, distance and directions.

The Benefits of Miniland Dolls

Your little one acquiring different physical and mental skills from a young age is undoubtedly important for its health and development. But many parents just neglect the fact that teaching their children to some moral values is also crucial to help your little one develop into a mentally stable adult that knows and appreciates the differences in our society. Considering how much these moral values are important for every child, don’t hesitate to explore Miniland dolls Australia wide toy shops, and see how they affect your little one’s growth.

In fact, Miniland educational baby dolls are created to help children understand the values of inclusivity and coexistence through play. This way, your little one will be able to think more-open mindedly, be tolerant towards diversity and accept people regardless of their race, gender and condition.

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This is why the extensive Miniland baby doll range includes dolls featuring different hair colours- from the blonde “Caucasica” to the brown and black-haired ones, dolls from different races and skin colours- from the popular Miniland African doll to the cute Miniland Hispanic doll as well as Asian dolls to promote diversity.

But this is not the only diversity Miniland promotes, since except for each of these dolls featuring custom hair and skin colour as well as a race, they also come in different genders. This means that except for the popular girl models, you can also find different versions of the Miniland boy doll.

But all the versions of the Miniland baby dolls can be also found with glasses, different hearing aids, as well as the award-winning Miniland dolls with Down syndrome, so every little one can identify itself and accept these conditions as a completely normal part of humanity.

So, don’t hesitate to look for these exceptional Miniland dolls Australia wide online or brick and mortar shops for toys. We’re sure that they’ll become your little one’s best friend that has just so many useful things to teach it.