The Top Types of Commercial Display Fridges – Functions and Features


Display fridges are an important part of food businesses especially because they act as an advertising board of the company. One of the most important factors for the success of all businesses is presentation – the way you present your products can be the determining factor that separates your company from the rest. For that very reason, there are several different types of display refrigerators that you can find on the market. All of them have different functions and features, which means you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the suitable one for your business. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Cake Showcase Fridge

These patisserie display units are mainly made of stainless steel and have a front curved glass. They look lovely and will beautify your shop as they contain heavenly desserts which makes them look that much more appealing. They usually have four levels of display storage and each of them is separately lit with LED lighting, has fog-free glass so that your cakes and desserts always look their best. You can easily find this model of display fridge for sale and save up some money. It is a quality and convenient solution to your business as it provides you with an easy access to the products inside it and has adjustable frosted glass shelving.

Serve Over Counter Fridge

This can often be one of the largest front-of-the-house appliances spotted in a food service business. It is specifically designed to merchandise chilled drinks and foods such as cheese, cooked meats or fish, acting as a versatile assisted service solution. Its size and temperatures range, so when buying, make sure to choose the right ones for your business’ needs. When shopping for this kind of display fridge for sale, don’t forget that the appliance needs to perfectly fit into the front of your house while also keeping your food and drinks safe to consume. Many models of serve over counter display fridges come with upper display shelves or under-counter storage for the purpose of speeding up the process of re-stocking during a busy service.

Commercial Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are very similar to beer fridges in appearance, however, they differ on their inside quite a lot. Since different wine kinds have different serving temperatures, some wine chillers come with various different temperature zones. This enables you to keep red and white wine separated while still being stored in the same appliance. Another obvious difference that wine coolers have is their wooden shelves. This is mainly due to the fact that wire racks can easily bend under the weight of heavy wine bottles and can also scratch the label of the wine.