Simple Ideas to Set the Romantic Mood with the Right Lighting


Have you ever thought about how much you love dining in restaurants, having drinks or coffee in clubs and cafes, and the fact that you actually enjoy spending your time there when you can order the same food and eat it at home? As much as you want to believe that it’s the food or the drinks that take you back to a place, you’re not quite right. It’s the ambiance, the perfectly attractive and enjoyable atmosphere created with the use of the right lightings and sounds.


And no, there’s nothing special in restaurant or club lighting that would make it impossible or too complex for installing it in your own home. Why not take the beauty of the wonderful ambiance of your favourite place and bring it in the comfort of your rooms? As you may assume, it’s easy: all you need to do is visit an online or offline lighting store and choose the proper lighting products.

What constitutes proper lighting products you may ask? That depends largely on the type of ambiance you are aiming for: do you want to have the sun in your rooms, a warm, cosy environment, or maybe you’re into romance and intimacy? In this post, I’ll concentrate on what could you buy in a lighting store and achieve a truly romantic idyll.


Dimmers are great because they allow you to adjust the light to any time of the day. They are fairly easy to be installed in the wall by an electrician and can also be plugged into an outlet so they can be used with a table or floor lamps. The more sophisticated versions have a remote controller with them which allows you to change the light intensity as fast as your mood changes.

Soft filtered lights

These provide tone to a room and add a direction of the mood. They are mostly suitable in floor lamps, especially ones that are large and serve as an interior design decorative element. Think something like long silky drapes being moved by a wind over a four post bed. As romantic as that.

Wall sconces

The degree of light that wall sconces provide is a lot better than recessed lighting for example. It provides an overall comfy and cosy tone to a room and does an exceptional job in illuminating faces and people. Install them in dining rooms, hallways or master bathrooms, but avoid the bedrooms as these are made for more dimmed lighting.

Accent lamps and lighted flowers

Lamps in the shape of flowers are a great decorative element and many can suit a different source of light. Add to that the fact that most flower lamps have coloured heads and you have a coloured light source. These would go perfectly well in your bedroom, especially if you’re choosing something with red or pink flower heads. Be very careful though – besides acting as a source of light, these are decorations on their own which means you should not overcrowd the space. Another great option similar to this are accent lamps which are small table lamps generally made of materials like glass or resin. These carry low-wattage light bulbs which makes them perfect for your bedside tables in the bedroom or even in the living room.

Creating a romantic atmosphere in the house starts with adjusting the lighting. Afterwards, you need to consider the additional elements such as scented candles, roses and rose petals if you’re planning a surprise in the bedroom and a bottle of wine or champagne. When it comes to romance, small things make a big difference, and yet they’re so available to anyone.