Roller Blinds: The Best Treatment You Can Give Your Bedroom


In most rooms of the home, window treatments are usually an afterthought – the finishing touch to an already perfect and complete design scheme. But not in the bedroom. In the bedroom window treatments are more than just a stylish element – they play the important role of making sure you get the necessary amount of Zzz’s by preventing sunlight from waking you up before your alarm does (after hitting snooze for the third time).

With that being said, choosing the right window treatment for a bedroom can often feel like you’re dealing with science, in that you need to do a great amount of research and there’s no room for error. But if you feel like you have no time to waste, here’s a solution that always seems to work – just go with roller blinds.

Due to their unique design and features, roller blinds are the ultimate window treatment for a bedroom. Unlike most window blinds and shades that feature slats, roller blinds are made of one long continuous piece of fabric. Because of this, they are very effective in blocking out the sun and any light that may come from outside, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted good night’s sleep. But if you want to completely block out the light, it may be best to go with a custom-made design. Custom made roller blinds that are manufactured according to your exact specifications can ensure a perfect fit without any cracks where traces of light can get through.

And since they are able to stop light from getting in, it also means that these blinds are great when it comes to privacy. And the bedroom is one of those rooms in the home we’d like to keep private. While traditional light filtering and sunscreen fabrics are great for keeping the bedroom nice and dark, for 100% privacy, you may want to choose a blockout fabric.

But besides helping you keep your private retreat private, roller blinds can also help increase its comfort. Because roller blinds are made of thick, quality fabrics, they are great insulators which help trap the heat in, thus keeping you warm and cosy during cold nights. By opting for custom made roller blinds you can help your home stay energy efficient and lower your heating costs.

And finally, besides being a great choice for your bedroom comfort, roller blinds can also serve as a stylish element as well. Because they are made of fabric, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a design. You can opt for a versatile neutral design, or go for a bolder look featuring floral prints, fun patterns, or a bright colour that can add a lively touch to your bedroom.