Everything You Need to Know About Swim Spas


Installing a swim spa outdoors might be the best idea you’ve had so far. A swim spa is a much better option than a regular pool. Why? Because with a swim spa you don’t just get a place where you can swim, but a place where you can relax, enjoy water therapy and improve your overall health. It’s the smartest investment you can make.

The Design of the Swim Spa

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Think of the swim spa as a combination of a plunge pool, a swimming pool, a spa for hydrotherapy and a place where you do water aerobics. You get quite a lot just by acquiring and installing one item. You can relax and exercise in it according to your needs. Depending on their size, most swim spa Sydney stores offer have 5 or 6 massage seats along with 60-70 jets. Few are high flow swim jets, a bigger part are massage jets and 3-4 are air jets. They are the ones that make the water move and create a pleasant therapeutic feeling.

Usually, the inner layer of the swim spas is made from an acrylic material (a type of plastic) that’s durable, strong and smooth. There are also some parts made from fibreglass as well as frames made from wood or steel. You really need to pay attention to the materials and the way the swim spa is designed so that you know it will last you for years after buying it.

Inside, swim spas are equipped with LED lights, stainless steel exercise handrail, an exercise band, a stand-up massage wall and a resistance swim pole and harness. Everything you need to get the ultimate spa pleasure. Some even have an adjustable liquid aromatherapy system. Something aromatherapy lovers will appreciate.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the filtration system. The unit you purchase needs to have a strong water pump and a powerful filtration system in order to work properly. And when it comes to maintenance, worry not, because the newer models are super easy to maintain. They have a lot of systems and mechanisms that keep the water clean at all times. So, once you acquire yours, all you need to do is chill and relax not thinking about anything else.

The Average Cost of Installing a Swim Spa

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To be honest, buying and owning a swim spa is not cheap. But it’s a long term investment and something you can use every day, all year round (the water can be heated), so it can be totally worth it. Swim spa Sydney stores offer models ranging from 10.000$ to 30.000$ give or take, depending on the size and the features they have.

But that’s not the only price you pay. You also need to pay for the delivery as well as the installation of the swim spa. After all, the swim spa is not a simple object that you can assemble on your own. Plus, there might be a need for some electrical work to be done considering that the spa uses electricity to heat up the water and function properly overall.

The price you pay for the delivery depends on the location where you need the spa delivered. The same goes for the price you pay for installation. You need to be prepared to pay a bit more money if you want the spa installed in a tricky and hard to reach spot. Just make sure you get the swim spa installed on a firm flat ground that can support its weight because the swim spa is quite heavy.

Benefits of Using a Swim Spa

There are many incredible perks that come with owning a swim spa. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Recreational Swimming

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Primarily you can use your swim spa for swimming. It has the perfect dimensions and will do just fine replacing the regular swimming pool. Recreational swimming is a great physical activity for people of all ages. In a way, it’s a low-intensity workout that does a great job of keeping your muscles strong. Also, swimming aids your cardiovascular health, helps you maintain a healthy weight and engages each and every muscle in your body. And if you’re not that good of a swimmer you can use the swim spa to learn and become better.

Enjoy Hydrotherapy

With a swim spa, you can enjoy hydrotherapy for as much as you want. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water at different temperatures for health-related reasons. Hydrotherapy is a popular method used for centuries as a cure for certain conditions. Thanks to the incredible design of the swim spas, you can even use water massage for a better effect. Hydrotherapy helps in reducing pain, aids the post-surgery recovery, strengthens weak muscles, improves circulation, serves as an exercise for people that can’t walk properly or independently, improves balance and coordination and lengthens the muscles.

Sleep Better and Feel Better

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Insomnia can often be a result of stress and anxiousness. This is where swimming can help as it relaxes the body and mind. Plus swimming can tire you out, which will make you fall asleep faster. Additionally, you’ll notice mobility improvements, muscles that aren’t stiff anymore, a bigger range of motion and an overall improved physique. A lot of people don’t like classic workout routines or getting early in the morning to jog. So, if you’re one of those people, you can replace working out with swimming and get the same (or even better) results.