French Country Furniture: Infuse Your Home with Warmth


As we evolve, our homes should too. Every homeowner strives to create a home that is warm, cosy and elegant. The best homes have rooms that feel collected, not decorated. The best homes are welcoming and offer comfort to those who live in them, and those who visit. There’re a lot of popular interior design styles, each with its own characteristics that make a home unique.

And if you’re looking for a modern, yet timeless style to decorate your house in, modern French country furniture might help a lot to that objective. Adding an elegant twist to your traditional living room, or changing the overall mood in your bedroom can be done with adding a couple of French provincial furniture pieces. And if you are not sure where to start, you might need a few ideas to spark up your creativity.

living room with french furniture style

What Is French Provincial Style Furniture?

This style was born in the 18th century, referring to simpler and more affordable adaptations of the luxurious pieces made by the monarchy. Although this style varied from region to region, most pieces shared some common characteristics that are famous even today.

Modern French provincial furniture is designed with functionality in mind. The furniture is often characterised by its strong construction and well-finished pieces, whether massive and ornamented or light and rather simple. When it comes to colours, it’s all about keeping a home classic. Creamy whites, light grey tones with ivory, soft blues and greens are the main focus of this delicate country style. You want the tones and colours to be warm and neutral, reflecting French nature and the countryside.

How to “French Your Home”

(Storage) Ottoman

The French provincial ottoman can not only add class to a room, but it can easily be the most practical piece of furniture in the house. You can use it as a footstool, extra seating, and even as a coffee table. You can choose your ottoman from a plethora of modern French country furniture designer pieces made from solid wood construction and high-quality, heavy-duty linen blend. The modern French style ottoman features breach wood crossed legs and plush faux buttoned cushions with studded detailing, making it the perfect accent to any room.

modern french ottoman

You can also opt for a truly stunning round storage ottoman, finished in a high-quality, heavy-duty linen blend that can accompany your accent chair and act as a focal point in your living room. The fact that this centrepiece has an inner storage space ideal for blankets, seasonal clothing, and accessories makes it even more attractive.

The Perfect Armchair

The accent chair you choose for your living room can affect the overall mood and blending of French provincial and modern furniture. Since modern French style furniture is about both style and functionality, the perfect armchair might be a deep-seated tub chair with elegant, curved back and arms. This traditionally designed piece usually associated with libraries and formal studies has been brought back to life with its whimsical yet elegant design. Fully upholstered with high-quality fabric, this chair can easily be a focal point in your living room.

To make things even more visually appealing, you can opt for a model that features two different pairs of legs, the front being straight and with an interesting design, while the back pair being more simple and pointed outwards. Regarding the colour, white, latte, taupe or grey can easily match any room decor. Teal or navy might be ideal for adding contrast to monochromatic furniture.

French country bedroom

Dressing Bench

If you are looking for ideas on how to vamp up your bedroom, you might want to consider a dressing bench. A modern French provincial dressing bench might serve very well at the end of your queen-size or king-size bed. This stylish piece of furniture can also serve as a stunning bench seat on family gatherings when extra seats are needed.

Designed with chesterfield cushioning in a heavy-duty linen blend fabric and added antique look castors, the French style dressing bench oozes charm, practicality and elegance. When choosing the colour of your bench, make sure it matches your bedhead, creating a cohesive and well put together bedroom look.

French Provincial Bedhead

Instead of buying a new king-size or a queen-size bed for your bedroom, you can give it a French provincial look by simply upgrading it with a modern French style bedhead. The wide range of freestanding bed heads available in an abundance of colours makes it easy for you to choose one that matches your dressing bench, ottoman or armchair. These decorative pieces are easy to install, you just need to place them behind your bed, and the weight of your ensemble will keep them in place up against the wall.

These modern bed accessories can be found in different sizes, suitable for both king and queen-size beds. Square angles are usually most popular for the French provincial style. French-style bed heads feature a sewn seam and diamond buttoning detail, that adds depth to a classic design and can be dressed up or down to create the style you are after.