Top Characteristics to Look for When Buying an Exhaust


Upgrading your exhaust system is probably the best method for improving the engine flow in your vehicle. One solution that many car lovers have resorted to in the past few years are twin exhaust systems, also known as dual exhaust systems. For those of you who have no knowledge in exhaust systems, it’s time to learn a bit about dual or twin exhausts – how they work and the various types available on today’s market.

Before diving into the wide array of choices, you should first get to know some of the basics of exhaust systems because the exhaust is the final step in the work of a combustion engine. Combustion engines operate by sucking fuel and oxygen into the cylinders of the engine. Then, the spark plug ignites this mix which creates raw energy that the engine needs to power a car’s systems. However, this also creates gases that can stall and choke an engine. In order to operate efficiently, a combustion engine needs to efficiently evacuate these gases through the exhaust pipes. The quicker and more efficiently it does this, the better an engine can perform.

Redback Exhaust System

When buying a vehicle, it’s usually fitted with a factory-standard basic exhaust package. These systems deliver the bare minimum as they’re not built with performance in mind, but affordability. Redback exhaust systems on the other hand, are built with performance and efficiency in mind and are a great high-performance exhaust for many vehicles.They usually feature pipes with larger diameter which in turn leads to smoother air flow.

Additionally, the materials that Redback exhaust systems are manufactured from play a huge role in their performance enhancement characteristics. Different materials deliver different benefits and affect the price of the exhaust system. The most popular materials are T304, T409 stainless, and aluminised steel.

  • Aluminised steel is the most affordable and is widely used. The core parts are made of steel and the exterior is coated in aluminium alloy and silicon. This combination makes it corrosion and heat resistant.
  • T304 stainless steel is another popular metal for manufacturing dual exhaust systems. Just lik aluminised steel, it is corrosion resistant and it doesn’t harden and brittle when exposed to extreme heat. It works well in almost every climate, which makes it one of the most diverse choices.
  • T409 stainless steel is titanium alloyed, which makes it the most corrosion resistant out of the 3 materials. It comes at a price, but it’s extremely durable and long-lasting. If maintained and taken care of properly, it’s likely to outlast your vehicle.