Everything You’ll Need for Mess-Free Baby Feeding


It’s no secret, being a parent is tough. From the moment your little one is born you have a huge responsibility that doesn’t ever really stop. Still, as the responsibilities grow and complicate as your child does, nothing can truly compare to those first few years. Being a new parent has its own signature stresses that can’t be felt anywhere else. From making sure they’re safe and comfortable to being certain they’ve been fed and have had enough water to drink, it can be quite a rollercoaster of emotions and tasks.

Baby Feeding
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The sustenance part of the whole story seems to be one of the most stressful ones. Especially when they’re little, kids can make quite a mess of lunch or dinnertime, which can pose as another huge headache for you. No matter if your kid is an especially messy eater or is just being a small child with a little bit of an attitude, having the right kind of baby-safe tableware and utensils will always help make eating easier.

Here’s what you’ll need!

A Baby Plate

Having a special baby plate, or a baby bowl is definitely the right way to go. Not only will this allow you to monitor exactly what goes onto the plate and prevent you from mixing it up with another dishware, but its design will also make sure your baby doesn’t make a huge mess and transfer food everywhere.

Many specialized baby plate designs guarantee a safe and mess-free feeding experience, so once the time comes for your child to start eating more solid foods, I’d suggest you get one of them. There is a huge variety of models available, each one featuring an inventive way to simplify your baby’s meals.

For example, a suction baby plate is great for babies who love to wave their little arms around and push things in the process. The suction plate features a suction base that is strong enough to hold the bowl in place no matter how much your little one tries to push it over. What’s more, the plate is usually made out of smooth silicone which isn’t harmful to your child and won’t stain, no matter what type of food you put in it.

Another idea is a bib plate. Bib baby food plates are also usually made out of silicone that doesn’t stain and come attached to an adjustable collar that will let you have your baby’s food right under their mouth. Perfect for little ones that only now start to eat and chew, the bib baby bowls will catch anything that’s bound to fall down and avoid any mess whatsoever.

A Baby Plate
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A Baby Cup

Baby cups, much like baby feeding plates, come with suction features to ensure no spillage. However, they also feature some unique and innovative designs that are just their own. For example, an ideal baby cup would be one that has not one but two handles positioned on the sides. This way your baby can have a firm grip on the cup while eating or drinking and will be able to control it more. Inventive lids are also quite trendy nowadays, with silicone cups featuring anti-spilling lids that have an opening for your child’s little arms to poke in and grab whatever snack is inside.

However, one of my favourite types of baby cups is the non-squeezable, bottle-shaped feeders that allow your baby to control how much they take in while preventing any spillage. Made out of food and baby-safe plastic, these bottles are a true life-changer that will last you for literal years. Instead of buying disposable, pre-packaged, or less effective items that can easily break, all you need is this one sturdy bottle to serve your child for their whole early childhood.

A Baby Cup
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Baby Utensils

Giving a little child their own real spoon can prove to be both extremely loud and quite unsafe, so an alternative is always best. Getting them their own little spoon will be the best way to avoid any of these issues as well as subtly teach your child how to properly hold a spoon and eventually feed themselves. Such spoons are usually made of a combination of materials, with wood constructing the handle while medical-grade, food-safe silicone comprises the scoop.

These baby-safe spoons are light enough for your toddler’s hands to hold but heavy enough to not break apart after a few uses. The wood is specially chosen and sometimes treated in order to not disintegrate when exposed to liquid foods, water, saliva, and so on. There are often sets of all these items that you can buy ready-made or add to your wish list. All the items come in soft, baby-friendly colours and colour schemes.