Art Prints: Stepping Outside the Conventional


Decorating the home with art is not something that appeared in modern times. It started way back, with people making drawings on stone walls. Even then, the desire to surround yourself with something beautiful and unusual existed. And it just kept evolving into the modern art we now know and admire.

Today, many different art installations and prints are available and affordable for the average person. From behind the museum glass, art settled into our homes, on our phone cases, on bags and clothes. So, if you are thinking about redecorating your home or just adding something to fill the space on your walls, why not do it having something unconventional in mind like art prints?

Modern Art Prints

Coastal art prints

An art print is essentially a printed picture or a painting. Museums display printed samples of original works, to allow visitors to take a closer look at the art, and even touch and feel it, although it differs a lot from the actual painting. Painters make art prints of their original work, and use them for postcards, covers, banners and T-shirts.

But then, with technology taking over the world, art prints went from reproduction to original production. Today, many artists create their paintings in digital forms and then print them. The stroke of a brush was replaced with the stroke of a mouse. Digital illustrations can be seen everywhere, and many new illustrators emerge every day. Technology makes the whole creation process easy and allows people to experiment with different forms, styles, colours and even make collages – merge two (or more) pieces of art into one. You can say it’s a new era of art-making. And it’s art that takes the breath away.

Another perk of digital art is the fact that it’s affordable. Prices of art prints start as low as $25, meaning that the only thing standing in between you and art is a decision. From soothing coastal art prints to bring the oceanside into your home to motivational typography to put a smile on your face, or dramatic photographs to make a bold statement – you can find all sorts of designs for every budget.

There are many ways art can affect your home design, like making your home feel spacious or tying the area space together. Art prints can make your home look and feel cosy, they speak about you, and represent who you are. Art can evoke emotions, and make people feel comfortable in your house. And best of all, buying art prints for your home will help support local artists and small businesses.

Finding the Perfect Match

Framed coastal art prints

Art prints come in many different forms and sizes. You can find a perfect match for every room in your house. You can even choose your own personalised dimensions and frames so that they fit perfectly with your decorating style. Frames are available in different types of materials and colours. You can match your print with a frame of your liking. Framed print art can create a museum or gallery-like feeling to the spectator. The frame itself gives depth to the picture.

When it comes to art print themes, here are the most popular choices for homes.

Coastal Art Prints

Coastal prints can fit perfectly in a summer house, a Hamptons interior or any eclectic or boho style home. A print depicting the relaxing oceanside can make your home feel more soothing. Just imagine the pink sand, blue sea, and the blend of the two. Illustrators play around with colours a lot, so you can find coastal prints in many diverse shades. Do you want purple sand and yellow sea print? Done! You’d be surprised by the variations available for you to select and buy.

Abstract Prints

These can represent confusion, a mix of feelings, but also unity in the mess. Abstract prints can speak differently to a different pair of eyes. The colour palette can vary from warm earthy tones to cold tones and marble-like design. These wall prints can be a great choice if you are aiming for minimalism. Less is always more.

Botanical Designs

This is a very common theme for prints used in Scandinavian-style homes. Such prints show a realistic representation of trees, flowers and plants. It’s a great way for you to bring nature to your home if you are not a big fan of house plants. The botanical design has a calming and soothing effect. The green colour symbolises nature, tranquillity and good luck. It also has positive effects on health, as it can improve vision and reading ability. Looking into something green for a longer period of time can relax your eyes.

Oversized Prints

If you are thinking of something of great proportions, why not convert the entire wall into an art piece? This can be achieved easily with oversized wallpaper-like prints. It’s a whole other dimension of decorating. You can go for something simple and minimalist or neon prints and 3D images that can fool your mind and blow away anyone who sees them.

More Than Wall Art

Aside from the traditional way to print art on canvas or paper, as I mentioned before, you can print on literally anything, from cushions or bed covers to clothes. And don’t forget about the different types of sculptures. Adding sculptures to your home décor is a great way to create a sophisticated feel.

Bring the Art Gallery into Your Home

Art gallery at home

Why is art important? Art is part of who we are. It doesn’t matter if you prefer paintings, or music, or multimedia, papers, books or fashion. Even making art in the kitchen counts. People draw inspiration from art. They fight off depression with art. They find purpose within art and change their lives with the help of it.

So, why not make use of that spare time you have at home and decorate your space this way? Until museums and galleries reopen again, you can make a gallery of your own with some unique, carefully picked pieces that you can enjoy 24/7. Bringing beautiful art prints into your home allows you to add your signature to the whole space. To add the “you” element to it. Don’t think about it twice. A house is not a home without art.