There is probably no furniture element that is used more and is that much versatile as the coffee table. I’ve seen living rooms without TVs, some even without a couch, but never have I seen one without a coffee table. And how could there ever be a living room without a coffee table? It serves the most important purpose in a home – it’s a place to rest your drink, keep the remote and it is the perfect spot to prop up your feet, duh! But hey, the coffee table is so much more than that – it’s a décorative element that can literally make or break your interior design.

Out of all the pieces of furniture coffee table acts as the focal point of the living room as it has the power to set the tone of the space. For that reason, it is essential that you choose it carefully and make sure that it blends in the ambiance, rather than disturb it. Here are some ideas on how you can use it and style it to up your living room décor game.

The Rule of 3

Regarding furniture coffee table décor, the magic number is three. This way you will stay away from decorating your coffee table the cliché way and you also won’t overcrowd it and rob it from its free space. A popular combination of three is a porcelain ashtray, a vase with fresh flowers and the book you’re reading. Plus, according to Feng Shui decorating tips, including sets of three is said to bring good luck to a home. However, this is just an unwritten rule, not a law – so if you want to include more or less items, feel free to break it.

Play with Heights

When choosing your set of three (or more) try to include décor pieces of noticeably different heights. This will bring more energy to the coffee table and create a wave-like illusion of movement. Place the shortest object in the middle so that it becomes more prominent. Avoid aligning the items in a strict line and try to scatter them around the table as to appear like they were spontaneously placed.

Capture Attention with Contrasting

As you can see, the aforementioned “rules” stray from symmetry and clichés. Another way you can do this, is by contrasting colours and materials. This way you can better accentuate the table itself. For example, if the table is in a neutral colour, go for some bright, bold decorations to capture interest. Contrast the traditional with modern by adorning a classic dark wooden table with some metallic or glass ornaments, or the other way around. Glass tables are very versatile concerning décor, but pay attention that the ornaments are not in the same colour as the rug or flooring underneath the table, so that they won’t blend in and will be noticeable.

Make Seasonal Decor Changes

When it comes to furniture, the coffee table is usually the only piece you can improvise and play with. If you ever get bored with it, you can simply make a change in its décor and this will instantly change its look. A safe bet is to make seasonal décor switches which will also add some heart to your living room. For instance, what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with a vase full with fresh lilacs that spread a soothing scent all over the room? In the summer, bring some of that relaxing beach mood by adding sea shells on your table. You can welcome autumn with some roasted pumpkin seeds that besides serving as seasonal décor, can also be a delicious snack. Also, being the focal point of the room, the coffee table can be the perfect place for showcasing your Christmas decorations or the lovely DIY cards from your children.