5 Best Pool Toys for Endless Fun in the Water


Playing in the water never gets boring, whether it’s in your above-ground pool on sweltering summer days or indoors at your local aquatic centre. Although the pool itself offers tons of different activities such as diving, swimming, snorkelling, and cannonballs, to make the time spent in water extra fun and enjoyable, kids and adults can use a limitless range of different pool toys.

Good pool toys ought to be sturdy, able to teach kids about water safety, fun, and of course, chlorine-filled. Here is a list of some of our favourite pool toys for the whole family to enjoy this summer.

Beach Balls

Two kids playing on the beach with beach ball
source: aliexpress.com

Colourful, floaty and bouncy, inflatable beach balls are arguably one of the most versatile toys to get this summer. They can provide endless hours of fun by the pool or in the water. The best part about it? You can put it in your favourite beach bag and take it with you on your vacation.

However, when purchasing one you’ll see that beach balls have gone a long way and are nowadays available in different sizes and shapes. From the classic inflatable round shape to the latest viral trend the watermelon beach ball filled with water. Giant balls featuring an attractive, transparent design with colourful panes are also trending.

Depending on the type of beach or pool activities you plan to participate in and the ages of the participants, you have a variety of sizes to choose from. For instance, if your little family wants to play toss-and-catch games regularly, you should seek a ball that isn’t too huge or small for your children – preferably one that measures between 20 and 30 cm in diameter. On the other hand, if you plan to play sports like dodgeball or volleyball, you should seek a smaller ball with a diameter of about 10 cm.

The material is the second aspect to think about when buying a beach ball. The majority of balls on the market are made of PVC vinyl, however, the quality can vary between manufacturers.

Therefore, make sure the beach ball you’re considering is made of high-quality materials and can withstand pressure from hitting and squeezing. Consider the material thickness as thicker balls won’t pop as quickly as thinner ones.

Inflatable Ride on Toys

Kid with Ride on Toy in the Pool
source: poolsandstuff.com

The most enjoyable pool toys for all ages, apart from the blow-up water park, are the ride-on ones. They will allow you to float the days away in luxury whether you prefer sitting, reclining, or lying down in the pool.

Since they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, they are suitable for people of all ages. Homeowners especially love the idea of having at least one ride-on animal by their poolside.

For instance, a giant pink flamingo will instantly turn your pool area into a tropical oasis. It has become incredibly popular thanks to young celebrities that know a thing or two about style, including Taylor Swift and the Kardashians.

The ride-on unicorn, on the other hand, is another popular choice for a great rider! It will immediately transport you to a magical location as you sit on it. Choose a design with delicate laser-printed blue tones over the showy multi-colour silk-screened.

If you’re in love with the classics, the mega-giant swan is your way to go. It is the largest inflatable toy available and can comfortably fit 4 people or a sizable group of tiny swimmers.


Bunch of Noodles for pool in the pool
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Noodles are some of the earliest pool accessories. They allow kids to float without the utilization of inflatables. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about spending the entire day attempting to blow up your child’s toys as they’re filled with foam. This in turn will allow you and your kids to enjoy a little more freedom in the pool.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about pulling your child around the pool with you because they can use noodles to stay afloat. With enough kicking, they can also move the water as much or as little as they want. There are many varieties, but in general, the bigger the noodle, the more you will float.

Hydra Water Guns

Four Kids playing with Hydra Water Guns
source: reviewed.usatoday.com

Even though there are a ton of water gun options on the market these days, the Hydra Water ones are some of the best! These water cannons ensure endless enjoyment at the pool and in the water. Unlike the typical squirt guns, hydra water ones use manually compressed air to help spray water with greater force, greater accuracy, and long distance.

However, gone are the days when hydra water guns were the only ones of their kind! Nowadays, there is a range of hydra water weapons, including water crossbows. For greater amusement in the water try constructing some targets out of an empty drink or juice bottle.

Dive Rings

Two kids with dive rings in the pool
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Dive rings are yet another classic pool toy that can be used to engage children in a range of activities and help them learn how to hold their breath underwater. Additionally, they can encourage your children’s imaginations as they pretend to play treasure hunters or anything else their imaginations might conjure up all day long.

Another great thing about dive rings is their easy use and overall functionality. They are roughly 70 cm in diameter, don’t require assembly, and you can add weights and collapsible air pockets to adjust the depth of the rings, so they don’t sink to the bottom.