Enhancing Off-Road Performance and Style: Kut Snake Fender Flares for Your Toyota Hilux


It’s no coincidence that Toyota’s unbreakable Hilux is one of the few 4x4s that you can bolt a wider set of tyres and fender flares onto and not think twice about whether its off-road performance will match its rugged good looks. With the right-sized tyres, a Hilux can laugh its way through just about any track you take it across; but the paint and body damage that can occur in the process are no laughing matter. That’s why fender flares are mandatory.

Not all fender flares are the same, though; and flares that don’t fit correctly, don’t use rubber trim, or are made from poor-quality material can do more damage to your vehicle than if you didn’t have any at all. That’s why when it comes to mounting fender flares on your Hilux or any 4×4, the only brand you need to look for is Kut Snake.

Kut Snake Fender Flares Give Your Hilux the Look and Protection it Needs

White Toyota Hilux parked in nature
Source: drive.com.au

For more than a decade, Kut Snake has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of ABS fender flares. They’re a staple of Oz’s aftermarket industry; and make no mistake: no one produces higher quality, better-looking fender flares for Hilux trucks than they do.

From modest, standard-width flares to beefed up your N80’s looks, to monster flares for hardcore 106 off-roading, Kut Snake makes front and rear combinations for practically every model of Hilux and Toyota that’s ever been sold in Australia. They know that the first mod most 4×4 owners will make to their vehicles is going to be larger tyres, and their heavy-duty Hilux fender flares are the perfect solution for:

  • Preventing ugly and unwanted sheet metal damage from thrown-up rocks and gravel;
  • Minimizing the risk of cracking or shattering the windscreens on other vehicles; and,
  • Eliminating the danger of motorcyclists or pedestrians being struck by kicked up debris.

What’s important to remember is that regardless of whether you own a Hilux or any other 4×4, anytime your tyres extend beyond your truck’s OE bodywork, fender flares become mandatory. They’re a legal requirement under Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 (VSB14), and you can expect to get stopped and defective if you don’t have them. Investing in a set of Hilux flares for sale will not only save you the cost and inconvenience of a defect, but will give your Hilux the rugged 4×4 look that it needs to match its performance.

All the Ingredients That Go Into Building a First-Rate Flare

Finder flares on white Hilux
Source: sunyee.com.au

Kut Snake Hilux flares are manufactured in 50mm, 75mm, and 95mm widths; and it doesn’t take long to realize that not only are they better engineered than other aftermarket flares, but just how instrumental material quality is to the way they’re engineered. Whether it’s for on or off the road, they’re built to withstand the most rigorous conditions Australia has to offer, and they feature a host of first-rate attributes that include:

  • Tough, UV-resistant automotive-grade ABS moulded plastic;
  • Stainless steel hex screw fasteners that won’t corrode or rust; and,
  • Flexible rubber trimmings to help protect your Hilux’s finish.

Unlike brittle, adhesive-backed Toyota Hilux wheel arch flares that are made from thin plastic or fiberglass, Kut Snake flares are made to last. They even offer flare sets for early Hilux dual cabs and tray backs: proof that they understand the need for a wide range of Hilux SR5 flares that are fully Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant, and guaranteed to fit properly every time.

Getting the Full Benefit of Your Hilux’s Fender Flares

Red Toyota Hilux driven off road
Source: news.abplive.com

Let’s be honest: although the main reason for installing a Kut Snake Hilux flare kit would be to stop flinging dangerous road debris, there’s no escaping the fact that they have an especially powerful aesthetic appeal. A well-designed fender flare kit is capable of complementing the look of most trucks, but a stylish Hilux fender flare kit reinforces the idea of just how unbreakable these off-road warriors really are.

Regardless of whether you’re riding on wider tyres or not though, a Hilux flare kit gives you the visual advantage when it comes to:

  • Concealing, and keeping unwanted moisture and dirt away from rusty fenders and wheel wells;
  • Preventing non-moving damage from runaway trolleys and rubbish bins; and,
  • Protecting your Hilux’s resale value by ensuring your fenders stay clear of avoidable dents and dings.

And although Kut Snake only produces their Toyota Hilux flares in a stippled black ABS finish, you can still paint them to match your 4×4 and they’re going to look as good as any OE accessory.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about mounting wider tyres on your Hilux, there are two things that you need to consider very carefully: the amount of offset your wheels are going to afford you, and how wide your fender flares need to be. And after factors such as your ride height, turning circle, and wheel track have all been carefully accounted for, you still have to ensure that your tyres don’t protrude outside of your bodywork. Fortunately, Kut Snake already has your solution.

With a set of their high quality fender flares for Hilux trucks, you can be sure that your 4×4 is ADR compliant, and fully protected. And once they’re installed, you’ll never have to worry about wheel flares again.