The Ideal Harry Potter Gifts for the Dear Witch or Wizard in Your Life


When Dumbledore said that “One can find happiness if they remember to turn on the light”, he forgot to add “Or in case they’re gifted Harry Potter merchandise”. This well-known franchise has seen massive success all over the world. Ever since the release of the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997, people haven’t stopped obsessing over the magical wizarding world.

After all, this world helped you escape the boring reality many times and taught you a lot of valuable lessons throughout the years. Harry and his friends taught you how to be brave, kind, and the most important lesson of all – that we are as strong as we’re united and as weak as we’re divided, as Dumbledore says in the fourth book.

But what is the best gift for a Harry Potter fan? To answer this question, a lot of fans will say “a ticket to Hogwarts”. Unfortunately, this type of gift is a little hard to come by. With the resurfacing of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who turns out to be alive and well, ventures in and out of Hogwarts are carefully monitored. For this reason, it’s best to choose a high-quality piece of merchandise. Go for one of the Harry Potter bags, wand replicas, apparel, or any other type of merchandise that your fellow witch or wizard will love.

Harry Potter Bag

Harry Potter backpack

Whether you’re shopping for a school-age child, or someone who is completely grown-up, you can never go wrong with a Harry Potter backpack, crossbody bag, or tote bag. These are stylish and practical bags that come in many creative designs and contain spacious and convenient compartments. You can choose a bag with the Hogwarts crest, a specific house, or any other Harry Potter-themed design that will leave your friend breathless.

They can use this bag to store all of their wizarding essentials. For the gorgeous witch – choose an equally gorgeous Harry Potter handbag. While these bags are impervious to any Extension Charms (such as Hermione used on her beaded bag), they’re ideal for elevating the style of any trendy witch.

Harry Potter Wand

Another wizarding must-have is a magic wand. If your fellow wizarding friend still hasn’t picked out a wand for themselves – you can help them. Since there are many different wands to pick from, and no two are exactly alike, they need to be extremely careful when choosing the one for them. An incompatible magic wand will cause them to wreak havoc wherever they go. In case they’ve already picked a wand, you can surprise them with a stylish wand pen.

Harry Potter Book

kid reading Harry Potter book

If you know that your loved one doesn’t have some of the Harry Potter books, helping them finish their collection will bring a smile to their face. However, make sure to get the right book. If they already own hardback books you should consider getting them the hardback one, to match their collection. If they don’t own any of the books a great option for any Harry Potter fan would be a beautifully boxed set of all Harry Potter books.

A lot of dedicated Harry Potter fans already own a boxed set of all the books. In this case, consider getting them a piece of fanfiction that you know they will love. Alternatively, get them a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard or Quidditch Through the Ages for the dedicated Quidditch fanatic.

Harry Potter Jewellery

For the fans that aren’t big bookworms, choose a stylish piece of Harry Potter jewellery instead. After all, it’s Hermione Granger who said that friendship is much more important than books and cleverness. Fighting evil in the wizarding world is a tough enough job. However, you can help your friends look stylish and sassy while doing so.

Along with the fancy accessory in the form of a Harry Potter backpack, check out the wide variety of jewellery that is inspired by the magical Wizarding World. For the ladies, you can go for a pair of Deathly Hallows earrings or a charm bracelet. These Harry Potter jewellery pieces are an ideal gift for your little girl. As for the boys, choose from the stylish Harry Potter cufflinks.

Harry Potter Apparel

Grey Hogwarts Sweatshirt

Any piece of apparel is a great gift, especially if the person getting it is a Harry Potter fan and the piece is Harry Potter-themed. From socks to hats, and everything in-between, buying a clothing piece for a loved one is a sure sign of your care and love towards them. When that certain piece of clothing is inspired by the Harry Potter novels, it makes it even more important to them.

If your fellow witch or wizard is into cosplay and Harry Potter, then a costume will be a perfect gift. When buying apparel for your loved ones, make sure whatever you are getting them is a good fit. Even though some types of clothing seem like corny gifts, you will be surprised by how many creatures long to be gifted scarfs, fluffy socks (house elves in particular), and other comfort items especially if they’re Harry Potter-themed.

Lastly, whether you’re shopping for a Potter backpack, a magic wand, a piece of jewellery or any other type of merchandise, don’t make the terrible muggle mistake of getting a gift with the wrong Hogwarts house.