The Basics of Tent Camping for a Great Adventure Outdoors


No matter how much of busy lifestyles we may lead, there’s always time for exploring the great outdoors. Instead of working all day, even beyond the work hours and bringing more of the tasks at home, we should always choose to stay in the company of nature. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air, turning back to life’s basics and being at one with the environment, because not only does this affect our health positively, but it also helps us get to know our inner self better. Luckily, for us Aussies, nature takes up a part of ourselves, it’s in our DNA passed down from ancestors who inhabited campsites, so we’re all more or less fans of camping.

However, to be able to make the most of this outdoor experience, preparation is key. The point is in having the best time knowing all things are taken care of so you’d get the comfort you need instead of feeling lack of it and having to end the trip much earlier than planned. First things first, one of the basic needs of every human being is a nice and warm shelter with a cosy sleeping place so the priority should be in choosing the adequate tent and sleeping bag. It’s not rare for people to make the mistake of buying a tent that isn’t exactly up to their expectations but it’s something easily avoided when you take tent sizes into account, starting from the 3 person tent, 4, 5 and even up to 10.


While a 3 person tent can be perfect for a family, it’s also perfect for a solo traveller in getting more comfort and all the space to relax and have a good stretch. Also, make sure you check for weatherproof and breathability properties of the materials the tent is made of. Sleeping bags on the other hand differ in shapes, and they have specific properties based on the different metabolisms people have. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, buy a sleeping bag based on its temperature rating. The temperature rating indicates the lowest temperature that a bag can keep a sleeper warm. For something cosier, opt for an air mattress – easy and fast to inflate with an electric pump.

Comfort also means being dressed for the outdoor occasion properly, having light and breathable clothing for the hot sunny days, the right amount of layers for the freezing ones and the perfect shoes to keep your feet dry. Depending on your way of travelling, whether you’re travelling with your own vehicle and how much weight you can bear to carry, you should pack accordingly though it’s always advisable to minimise so you’d be able to move about effortlessly.

It’s just as important to plan out a menu beforehand for all the days of your camping and stack up on non-perishables because staying more in one place means there’s the possibility you’d get tired of campfire sausages eventually. A word of advice is to avoid cooking inside the tent, by all means, if you want to stay away from accidents. Of course there are more aspects of camping preparations, but these are the basics you should think of when planning your next camping shopping.