Discover What Awaits for Thee Under the Sea


Let’s talk fun underwater statistics a little: did you know that only 10% of the ocean living space has been explored by humans? And that 85% of that living area constitutes the dark, cold environment we know as the deep sea? Only a few brave humans gathered the courage to actually go a few thousand meters below the water surface and feel how it is to completely lose contact with what we know as normal every day life. Just imagine being close to the Earth’s inner core under such an immense amount of water. Add to that the harsh reality that it is cold, completely dark and quite scary down there, as you have no idea what lies below.


One of these humans is the famous James Cameron, who had the desire burning inside him: to be able to see what no man has seen before is the ultimate drive that made him squeeze into a sphere so small he couldn’t extend his arms. Thanks to expeditions of this kind, we nowadays know about the underwater world and all the amazing species that live in that environment.

Another thing which is so great about the deep seas is that they are often the home to many on-land worlds and objects that no longer exist. Think Atlantis, lost kingdoms, civilizations, famous ships, airplanes and so many other things that by either tectonic movements or unlucky events ended up swallowed by the deepest of blues, destined never to be seen by humans again.

If you’re a lover of mysteries and archeological sites that mysteriously sinked underwater, you can always buy diving gear and equip yourself for the adventure of a lifetime: a guided dive in some of the most attractive mysterious dive spots on the planet. Here are a few.


Egypt’s Heracleion

The city of Heracleion is known as the lost kingdom of Cleopatra. According to what is historically known about this city, it served as a gateway to Egypt, and as such is located in Aboukir Bay, near the city of Alexandria. Nobody knows why the entire city sunk about 1200 years ago and was buried under a massive amount of sand and mud. You can easily see parts of this city on a underwater scuba diving adventure. If you decide to buy diving gear, your summer vacation would definitely be one of a kind and way more different that anybody else’s.


Iceland’s Thingvellir Lake

Thingvellir Lake is known as the paradise for extreme divers. If you’re one who isn’t afraid of cold water, high pressure and facing a rather scary environment, then hop on the first plane with your diving gear and just go to Iceland. Thingvellir Lake is known as the spot where you can see just how close (or far) continental plates are! Currently, you can see how the United States’ plate and the European one are widening. The place is called Slifra Crack and it’s located in the National Park. It requires some 25 meters of deep diving to get to that point.


An Underwater Paradise in the Black Sea

One would think that rivers, waterfalls and trees can be seen only on the land. Not necessarily. Under the Black Sea in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, an entire landscape has been discovered and it’s utterly strange: rivers are flowing and at some points there are even waterfalls. The rivers are surrounded by actual trees, which makes you feel like you’re walking on the ground, while you most certainly are not! Aside of being a fascinating site worth diving in, this is quite interesting as it has made scientists wonder whether life could possibly exist in such conditions.