All You Need to Know about Sliding Door Blinds


Having a contemporary home with large windows, sliding or bi-fold doors is more than amazing and eye-catching. However, owners of such homes usually complain about not having the most suitable blinds solution, which is why manufacturers have managed to solve this problem with the invention of linked blinds.

Also known as sliding door blinds, these allow for following the flow of the doors whilst offering a range of functional options over the exit door. Generally speaking, linked blinds can be installed both on single and double roller blinds, and the reason why they are so popular is that people want to keep the chains away from the centre. Usually, they are placed on the outside edges of the blinds for easier managing.

Single Linked Roller Blinds

The single linked roller blinds have a linking which allows for placing the blinds side by side across a window. The single intermediate bearing bracket has the ability to reduce the gap between the fabrics from around 32mm on standard brackets down to 19mm, which is great for those who want more privacy. These sliding door blinds allow for linking 2 to 4 blinds alongside each other, depending on the window’s area size. The single linked blinds can operate up to 2 blinds with the same control for greater convenience, however, this option depends on your personal needs. This linking system has been designed to allow for multiple blinds to be controlled with a motor (automatically) or through a chain control option. The motorised option is considered to be another great benefit of installing slide door blinds. Automating/motorising the blinds can enable you to take your home living to the next level whilst adding comfort, ease and convenience. Additionally, this can lead to cost-efficiency because of the reduced energy bills as they act as the perfect heat/cold blocker.

Double Linked Roller Blinds

The double linked roller blinds can provide homeowners with the best of both worlds as they can combine both blockout and sunscreen blinds. Once again, linking allows for placing the blinds side by side across a window with the help of a single intermediate bearing bracket the purpose of which, once again, is to reduce the gap in between the fabrics. You can choose between a range of fabrics like light filtering, sunscreen and from a range of different blockout fabrics. The one you choose should mainly depend on your needs and budget as well, however, for making the best choice it’s recommended to consult with a professional.