Home Sauna to Help You Create Your Own Stress-Free Zone


In the ever-moving world of today, when most of us can’t get a hold of time and barely maintain a healthy diet, get less than the needed eight hours of sleep and skip on family gatherings, just the thought of relaxation is soothing enough. While some turn to sports for getting the required energy boost, others prefer calmer alternatives, such as yoga. But when it comes to complete relaxation, paired with rejuvenation, nothing beats the sauna sweating sessions. Finns surely know how to make the most of life, considering the sauna has been part of their lifestyles for more than 2000 years already.

Now, I’m aware not everyone would be on board with this relaxation method, however considering it’s something ancient peoples have come up with, it’s worth the try – we should give them more credit for cracking the code of enjoying life. From underground to above ground, Finns have found many ways to enhance the design of the sauna. Nowadays, with the many spa salons around, it’s easy to find the place to go but with the lack of time it’s certainly not on everyone’s daily schedule. Thankfully we don’t have to waste neither time nor money with the help of the home sauna; if you can’t go to one as often as you want, you can bring one home.

Home SaunaWith the use of technology, the latest ingenious designs are based on infrared heat which is far more convenient than traditional saunas because of the lesser heat it emits – ideal for people who have cardiovascular problems. Along with being the source of relaxation, a home sauna can be the perfect spot for some bonding with loved ones as there are saunas built for two. Not only are they compact, but they’re also easy to assemble so you can have a DIY sauna project and turn your own home into a spa, your stress-free zone. Consisting of fibre heaters, LED colour therapy light, air purifier and aromatherapy dispenser, plus a contoured seating and lounge rest made for your enjoyment, every day would be your sauna day.

No matter how much we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, modern life gets in the way since it abounds with toxins, be it from the air we breathe or the processed food we eat. These toxins pile up and clog the pores, and get stored in the fat cells, which is why a good session of sweating is something that’s recommended on a daily basis. Unlike the traditional saunas, infrared ones are designed to heat up the body, right away, at more bearable temperatures, say 35 to 45 °C, and this makes for easier and faster detoxification.

Spending time in the sauna isn’t only helpful for your mental well-being, but rather your well-being as a whole as it improves your immune system, regulates your blood pressure and circulation, relieves muscle tension, tones out the skin and even assists you with fighting off those extra kilos. Imagine starting the day in your own spa!