Different Types of Commercial Printers


Businesses can use many different kinds of printing equipment today. With the different types of commercial printing, there are a lot of choices, from heavy-duty printing tools to more refined and delicate ones. When you have a lot of choices, it can be hard to find the right business printer for your needs. There are different kinds of commercial printers, and the best one for your needs will rely on the goal of the job and the materials that will be used. Here are some examples of the most popular types of business printers:

Wide Format Printer

wide format printer
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The first contender on the list, a precise and efficient wide format printer usually uses some kind of inkjet or toner-based technology to print the image. They are cheaper than other printing methods like screen printing for most immediate, (low quantity) print projects, depending on paper size, run length (how many copies can be made from a single original), and the type of substrate or print medium. Wide-format printers are usually made to print on a roll of paper that takes in small pieces as the print job goes on, not on individual sheets.

Large format printers are made to print things like banners, signs, and other big items. Wide-format printers can be a good choice for this, but you need to make sure you get a good product to print at the best quality possible. These machines vary a lot in how wide they are. Which one you choose just depends on what your business printing needs are.

Even though they boast a larger size than normal printers, they’re not as chunky or heavy as you might think. They’re actually fairly lightweight and can be easily transported if needed. This makes them a good choice for businesses that need to take their printing on the go, or to various trade shows. It’s also possible to find wide-format printers that are designed primarily for home use, but they generally offer fewer features than those intended for commercial use.

The key thing to know about these kinds of devices is that they’re all about quality and efficiency. Most of them use advanced technologies like piezoelectric inkjet or electrostatic printing to produce high-resolution images on a variety of materials. With the flexibility to print on different types of paper, they’re ideal for creating professional-looking posters, banners, and other large print projects.

Laser Printer

laser printer
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Laser printers are one of the most popular types of printers and can be used for a wide range of tasks. In these tools, the laser can move very quickly and “write” much faster than an inkjet printer. Laser printers may be the best choice for your business if you need to print a lot of flyers, handouts, or other materials with pictures. These are great for a wide range of jobs because they are fast, accurate, and cheap.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer
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Inkjet printers are very common, but they also come in a business package that increases output and is great for writing coloured drawings for reports and presentations. When compared to standard office inkjet printers, these take a lot longer to print. They have very high resolutions and technological features that make them great for business use when the outcome is more important than saving time.

Garment Printers

garment printer
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Garment printers are special kinds of printers that can print pictures right onto clothes or other fabrics. Garment printers will save you a lot of time as well as cash and help you get more done when you have a lot of things to print. A good garment printer is dependable and can print images that last long and don’t fade easily.

Digital Printers

digital printer

Digital printing tools have become very popular for small to medium-sized jobs that need to be clear and of high quality. This method makes pictures that are clear, bright, and easy to copy. These low-cost, high-performance tools are changing the printing business by making it easier to print well and save money. Digital printing equipment also makes sure that jobs can be done quickly, which is important in our fast-paced economy. Also, they are perfect for printing in small quantities and have many benefits over traditional printing methods.

3D Printing

3D printer
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3D Printers are a revolutionary paradigm of the printing process that allows users to create three-dimensional physical objects from digital files. This technology has been around for over 30 years but it wasn’t until the early 2010s that it became more accessible and affordable for individual users thanks to advancements in technology and materials. Their inherent capabilities make them a valuable tool in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and even art and design.


flexographic printing machine
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If you want to print on a surface that isn’t flat, you need flexography. This method also uses a printing plate, but the ink used dries faster. The inks are thick and smooth, just like printing inks. This is a great choice if you want to print on metal, plastic, or almost any other rough surface.