Essential Bridal Accessories Tie Your Outfit Together


These are exciting times, aren’t they? The clock is ticking and the big day is getting closer by the minute. You can already feel the butterflies running wild in your stomach but in a good way. Sure, there are lots of preparations and arrangements to get sorted but you’re willing to soldier through all of that so that you can have a dreamy Cinderella wedding of your own. And why wouldn’t you? Having a fairy-tale-like wedding is every little girl’s favourite fantasy. Now it’s time to turn it into reality.

In order to achieve this, you’ll have to pay special attention to the most important piece of decoration – yourself. You may have already said yes to the bridal dress, even though it was perhaps the most difficult choice of your life, but you shouldn’t overlook all the extra items that are meant to complete your look. The dress isn’t the only thing that you need to think about.  Since you already have enough on your plate as it is, we’ll be swooping in with a list of bridal accessories that will complete your look in fabulous fashion.

Top It Off with Hair Pieces


While deciding on a bridal hairstyle is an endeavour of its own, we’ll leave that to professional hairdressers to figure out. What we can do, however, is give you a few pointers on how you can add the finishing touches to the final look.

Bridal Tiaras

bride with tiara

Throughout history, precious tiaras were mainly associated with wealth and prestige. Women wore them as a sign of membership to the noble and high-class communities. However, this particular type of headwear has taken on a whole new meaning in the wedding world. It’s said that elegant bridal tiaras are supposed to represent the ‘crowning of love’ which is why they’re such a big part of every bride’s outfit.

Think back to all those royal weddings we’ve witnessed throughout the years, including those of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Notice anything similar? You’re spot on, they’re all wearing feminine bridal crowns to complete their look. So this begs the question, what’s stopping you from feeling like royalty even for a day? You’re right again, absolutely nothing.

This brings us to our next big dilemma, how do you choose the right bridal tiara? Seeing as there are lots of different styles and designs available, deciding on which one to get can be a little difficult and overwhelming. Should you go all out with an ornate regal crown or keep things simple with a delicate headband tiara? How do you know which one’s right? 

Here’s the trick, look for bridal tiaras that match the style and level of formality of your dress, as well as your particular face shape. In other words, your headwear should complement your bridal dress and highlight all your best facial features. Once you have these two factors figured out, they should significantly narrow down your choices. In this way, you’ll be putting together the perfect bridal outfit.

Bridal Clips

bridal clips

If you’re looking for something less extravagant yet sophisticated, you might want to check out bridal clips. These particular types of hair accessories serve a double purpose – they’re meant to be a stylish piece of headwear all while keeping your hair securely clipped into place, hence the name. It’s a fashionable way to finish off a simple bun or updo hairstyle. This versatility is what makes bridal clips very practical and the go-to option for many brides-to-be.

Bridal Vines

bridal vines

For those of you that want to include a touch of nature into your final look, bridal vines should do the trick. It’s one of those trends that have caught on only recently and it’s definitely causing a storm. Thanks to their undeniable appeal and soft features, it’s quite easy to be fond of this feminine look. Plus, there are many ways you can style them into your hair, including simple updos and intricate braids. The choice is yours.

Add Some Spice with Jewellery

Apart from headwear, there are a few other types of bridal jewellery that can undoubtedly round off your appearance. To point you in the right direction, we’ll be giving you a shortlist of our favourites under the cut.


bride with beautiful neckless

There’s only one thing you need to remember here – regardless of what type of necklace you decide to get, whether it’s lavish or minimalistic, your only acceptable option is to wear it with a strapless neckline. If your dress has any sort of straps or details around your neck, you’ll definitely run the risk of looking tacky and over-embellished. And that’s definitely not a good look.


bride earrings

The same thing goes for your earrings. If you have a wide or low V neckline, you can opt for larger, show-stopping drop earrings to make the ultimate fashion statement. On the other hand, if your high neckline is already cluttered as it is, pairing it with bulky, chandelier-style earrings can be a little distracting because you’ll be taking things a bit too far.


Brides Bracelet

Once again, the style of your bridal dress determines your choice of jewellery. Feel free to skip on bracelets if you’re wearing a long-sleeved dress since no one will be able to see them anyway. But if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, you can add a bracelet that complements your overall appearance. But remember – less is more so it’s important that you don’t overdo it when it comes to accessories.