Popular Steph Curry Jerseys to Wear With Style


While the basketball jersey has traditionally had the same fundamental design, the short sleeve jersey is relatively new. In 2013, the Golden State Warriors were the first ones to use this unique style in-game. Many questioned the logic behind this adjustment, and one of the reasons was to encourage more people to wear NBA jerseys while also providing more shopping possibilities.

But can you be a real Golden State Warriors fan without having the Steph Curry jersey?

Popular Steph Curry Jerseys

Adidas Steph Curry Authentic Jersey

Aside from game-worn or issued jerseys, which are extremely expensive and are unlikely to be worn by the regular Joe, authentic jerseys are the best way for supporters to express their loyalty to the team. If you’re looking to invest in a basketball staple piece, this lightweight and breathable Golden State Steph Curry jersey is a great option!

It’s made of 190-gram polyester and features ClimaCOOL mesh technology to aid with perspiration absorption. They are manufactured by Adidas, the official NBA jerseys provider. However, unlike Swingman and replica jerseys, they do not have an Adidas emblem on the upper-right front of the shirt. All of the numbers and inscriptions on an authentic jersey are sewn twill.

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Adidas Steph Curry Swingman Jersey

Swingman jerseys are among the most popular NBA jerseys on the market. They’re an excellent option for fans that want a nice-looking jersey but don’t want to spend a lot of money. These mid-priced jerseys provide the best overall value for fans looking for realistic-looking jerseys for casual use.

Swingman jerseys are constructed of 100 per cent polyester fabric and are available in various conventional sizes, including small, medium, large, and many extra-large tiers. Sewn-on tackle twill is used for the team name, player name, and numbers. Additional Performance variants are constructed of mesh and engineered for increased ventilation to keep the user cool.

Adidas Steph Curry Replica Basketball Jerseys

It’s important to clarify that “replica jersey” does not imply “fake” in how most customers interpret the term. Adidas Steph Curry replica NBA jerseys are still official jerseys. However, they lack the same quality as real or Swingman versions. While replica jerseys are made of high-quality materials, they are unlikely to survive as long as authentic or Swingman jerseys. However, this is an excellent low-cost choice for Golden State lovers.

The inscriptions, logos, and numbers are screen printed on 100% polyester fabric, which is the biggest distinction between Swingman jerseys. The length of the jersey is also cut more like a t-shirt. Replica jerseys, like the Swingman, feature an embroidered Adidas logo on the upper-right front of the jersey and an embroidered NBA logo on the upper-left side. They also come in conventional sizes.

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Adidas Steph Curry Women’s Jersey

Many people have discovered that standard men’s sizes do not fit everyone. Although youth sizes have been available for some time, female fans are a quickly growing market for sportswear. As a result, official jerseys with a more feminine cut have been created.

Women’s jerseys are currently in the replica price range and quality. The key differences between the men’s and women’s versions are a broader and more rounded neck, stretch side panels for a better fit, and a more tapered design. However, when buying basketball jerseys online, make sure you purchase the right fit from a reputable retail store!

How to Style Your Steph Curry Jersey

Wear a White T-Shirt Under It

This is something you may have noticed previously. You’re likely to raise some heads if you’re a male who doesn’t wear anything under their sleeved shirt. Because it appears unprofessional to display too much of yourself, when it comes to wearing t-shirts for style and fashion, jerseys look fantastic regardless of the player. In the summer, tanks can be worn as jerseys when hot and sunny weather. In this case, a standard cotton t-shirt should suffice. Make sure you wear your underwear. You can achieve the look of a formal event by wearing an undershirt under your shirt. Make sure the colours of your jersey and t-shirt match.

Choose the Proper Jersey Size

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It’s ridiculous to wear an XXL jersey when you’re medium size. You don’t need to have your jersey tailored. However, you must be aware of your current size. The jerseys don’t look good on all body shapes, and being too big or small can worsen things. Get the perfect one, similar to the story that inspired Goldilocks and The Three Bears. If you don’t have a choice, go up one size, but only if it’s a game jersey that would typically require shoulder pads.

Don’t Tuck the Jersey

On the other hand, it’s so irritating when someone is wearing a jersey that isn’t tucked in. Do you chance to be one of the NBA players who must tuck their jerseys? Otherwise, avoid this. Since basketball jerseys are meant to be worn casually, they tuck their jerseys in because it helps their performance and protects them from injury. Don’t think you have to show off your drinking skills. Tucking your shirt into something else is also awkward in specific ways.

Wear the Shoes

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Wear sneakers to create the ideal sporty combination. Wear loafers, sandals, or boat shoes if the weather is humid and hot. Avoid wearing shoes with scuff marks.

Accessorise Your Steph Curry Jersey

If it’s hot and sunny, complement your Golden State Steph Curry jerseys with sunglasses. Many people appreciate gold chains, which have become a highly sought-after accessory for basketball players. However, if you wear casual dresses, remember that you should dress casually. For example, sneakers are preferable over formal shoes in this case.