Spirit of the Subcontinent: Unveiling the Secrets of Indian Whisky


Indulging in a glass of whisky is often associated with Scotland or Ireland, but have you ever heard of the Indian variety? The spirit has gained popularity over the years and is now making its mark worldwide. It combines the rich history of India with the craftsmanship of whisky making, resulting in a unique and flavorful experience.

The Growing Popularity of Indian Whisky

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The incredible surge in popularity of Asian single malt has been extensively covered in the whisky industry over the last ten years. Japan and Taiwan have emerged as key players in the production of highly sought-after liquids that have gained a cult-like following and are in high demand. However, there are certainly other participants in this particular endeavour.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, India is making significant strides and showcasing its potential on the global stage. Many experts believe that the subcontinental subcategory holds great promise for the future. These days, flavourful and easy-drinking Indian whiskies are increasingly accessible – giving the country a newfound reputation for quality and taste.

India holds the impressive title of being the world’s largest per capita consumer of whisky. Additionally, India proudly serves as a founding partner of Glass Revolution Imports, the esteemed importer of Amrut Indian Single Malt. Every year, more than 600 million cases of spirits are sold worldwide. In contrast, the United States consumed approximately 64 million cases of whisky in 2017.

Key Ingredients and Flavours

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Indian whiskies available to order online often incorporate a combination of various grains like barley, corn, and occasionally wheat or molasses. Nevertheless, the precise components may differ based on the distillery and the particular recipe employed. They often include local ingredients such as spices or herbs, which add distinct flavours to the drink.
Indian whisky is known for its wide array of flavours, encompassing spice, fruit, oak, and occasionally a touch of sweetness. Many people enjoy the smoothness and mellowness of this particular type of whisky, while others are drawn to its complex and flavorful characteristics. Indian whisky is widely recognised for its exceptional character and the unparalleled drinking experience it provides.

Introducing Paul John: A Well-Known Whisky Brand from India

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Paul John is widely recognised as a leading producer of Indian whisky, specialising in the creation of exceptional single-malt whiskies. Let’s take a closer look at Paul John: Situated in Goa, a state renowned for its tropical climate, the Paul John distillery is a destination worth exploring. Paul P. John, the founder of this company, was captivated by the whisky-making process during a visit to Scotland, which ultimately led to the establishment of this distillery.

Paul John is dedicated to utilising traditional Scottish techniques alongside Indian ingredients and climate to produce exceptional and rich single malt whiskies, as they explain. At the distillery, you’ll find a diverse selection of single-malt whiskies to choose from. This includes their core expressions such as Brilliance, Edited, and Bold, along with exclusive limited-edition releases and unique cask finishes.

Paul John Whiskies have garnered several awards and recognition from esteemed international spirits competitions, underscoring the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence and artistry. Paul John has gone beyond traditional single malt expressions and delved into the realm of experimentation. They have ventured into various cask finishes such as Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso Sherry, and Port, resulting in captivating and unique flavour profiles.

Not only have they become popular in India but have also gained a strong following in international markets, captivating whisky enthusiasts worldwide. In general, Paul John is widely known for their commitment to crafting outstanding Indian single malt whiskies that beautifully capture the impact of Goa’s climate and local ingredients on the whisky-making journey.

Other Curious Facts About Indian Whisky You Should Know

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1.  Rapid Growth: The Indian whiskies market has experienced significant growth in recent years, making India one of the largest whisky-consuming countries in the world.
2.  Climate Maturation: Indian whisky matures much faster than whisky in Scotland or other cooler climates due to India’s warmer temperatures. This accelerated aging process results in unique flavour profiles.
3.  Single Malt Production: India produces several high-quality single malt whiskies, such as those from the Amrut and Paul John distilleries, which have gained international acclaim and recognition.
4.  Innovative Ingredients: Indian whisky makers often use a variety of grains and sometimes incorporate local ingredients like spices, herbs, or even mangoes to create distinct flavours.
5.  High Demand: Indian whisky brands like Officer’s Choice and McDowell’s No.1 consistently rank among the world’s top-selling whisky brands, demonstrating the high demand for Indian whisky both domestically and internationally.
6.  Awards and Recognition: Indian whiskies have won numerous awards at prestigious international spirits competitions, further solidifying their reputation for quality and craftsmanship on the global stage.
7.  Historical Influence: India has a rich history of whisky production dating back to the 19th century when British colonists introduced whisky-making techniques to the region. Today, it continues to evolve while embracing its cultural heritage.
8.  Diverse Market: The Indian whisky market offers a wide range of options, from affordable mass-produced blends to premium single malts, catering to a diverse consumer base with varying tastes and preferences.