Make Your WFH Life Easier with a Laptop Stand


Computers are a big part of our lives nowadays, from having one always in our pockets to the big rigs we have sitting at home and our offices. A distinguishable middle-ground device between your home PC and your smartphone is definitely the laptop. While it definitely gives you a lot more functionality than a smartphone, it doesn’t take up as much space as a desktop PC. The benefits of owning a laptop are out in the clear, but the downsides of its everyday use aren’t that much promoted.

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Posture problems, heart-related issues and all sorts of musculoskeletal issues can be results of too many hours spent on your laptop. Be it working or just browsing the web for fun, it’s important to take brakes and above all maintain a good posture while using your computer. One part of the equation is to get a laptop stand. This way you will have your laptop positioned at the correct level which will make you sit upright. But like with other types of home office ergonomics, you need to consider certain features before you find the right model for your needs.

Are Laptop Stands Worth It?

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Now, before you get into what makes a laptop stand ideal for your work environment, you’ll want to be sure if it will work. A laptopstand is definitely a worthwhile choice as it not only helps relieve neck and back problems, but it also contributes to better airflow. Proper airflow is important for your device’s cooling and optimal working. Laptop stands are lightweight and portable which allows you to use your device whilst standing too. In other words, laptop stands are definitely worth it.

What to Look for in Laptop Stands


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One of the more important features of every laptopstand is the materials its made of. Materials can affect almost everything, from weight and sturdiness to cooling and compatibility. Usually, soft metals are best when it comes to a high-quality stand but they are known to leave scuffs on your desk. A better alternative is tough plastic as it has almost exactly the same strength properties as metal without it damaging your desk. But if you want to keep your laptop cool, a metal stand is better as this material dissipates heat better.



The size of the stand itself will depend on the size of your laptop. Most stands are made to support 15.4-inch laptops, meaning they cater to most devices. You can also find stands that are suitable for 17-inch laptops, To get the exact fit for your model, find out your laptop’s screen size and you’re good to go.



To make using your laptop even more comfortable you need to consider the stand’s adjustability. This means that the stand’s flattop plate can be tilted at different angles. While this can seem like such a small difference, it can do wonders for your sitting posture, especially if you couple it with the proper chair. You can also get a stand that can adjust its height at various levels.



If you do extensive and complex operations on your laptop, like video editing or 3D renders, then you’ll need a stand that will provide additional cooling. Otherwise, your machine might end up overheating and. For that very reason, investing in a stand for laptop with an integrated cooling fan is your safest bet.



Your stand should be enough tall so that your neck is not going forwards. The top of the laptop should be either at or just below your eye level. Your upper back should be straight too and your shoulders relaxed.

Stationary vs. Portable


While stationary stands will make it easier to accommodate your device in a busy office space, portable ones will allow you to use them anywhere. Be it on the couch, in the garden, bathroom, sofa or armchair, a portable stand will allow you to get comfy and do your thing.