Home Decor Ideas: Create a Unique Feel with Rustic Wood Furniture


Rustic design is something that has been around for a long time, but adding it into modern homes is something that is relatively new. Even though this clash of styles is new, it seems to be spreading like wildfire with so many homes embracing it. The great thing about this particular style is how easy you can incorporate it into your home. There are so many great pieces of rustic wood furniture that range from contemporary, elegant and formal. The rough feeling of these pieces stands out against contemporary and modern smooth finishes and that creates a great dynamic. Many people have a misconception that your home has to be rustic in order for this look to work and that is simply not true. Below we will be going over how you can add rustic wood furniture to your home and pull it off without it looking like it stepped out of another era.

Dining Table

Rustic Dining Table

This is probably the star piece when it comes to rustic wood furniture. If you choose to put any kind of rustic wood furniture in your home then let it be the dining table and chairs. They make dining feel warmer and more like a home. This style of dining table looks great in any setting and you don’t have to change a thing. Not only that, but they look great and are really sturdy. If you care for rustic wood furniture properly, it will last you a very, very long time.


Rustic Nightstands

You can add a great rustic feel to your room by choosing some rustic style nightstands. To really blend a nightstand in, try giving a wooden one a coat of paint to match the rest of your furniture. If you really want to add some style, try using techniques to distress the paint. This really gives it a french feeling so stick to pieces that have that antique french style for some real class. While nightstands are small they can make a great impact on the look of a room.

Mantle Piece

Mantle Piece Rustic

Mantle pieces don’t have to be boring and you can easily bring texture and design to your space by adding some rustic strips of distressed wood. If you have some old rustic furniture you can take apart, then that’s even better. Add the pieces vertically and really distress the finish. This gives the whole room a rustic feeling and it won’t cost you much to do.


Rustic Headboard

You can find a great range of rustic headboards available, the great thing about this style is that you can easily customize it to match the rest of your room or décor. It’s also a style that you can easily do yourself. If you already have a headboard, you can easily at a coat of paint to distress it to match it to your room. If you want to DIY a headboard there are also some great tutorials available online.

Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

While you can add vintage and rustic appliances and pieces, it will never fully transform your kitchen. The best way to really make your kitchen feel rustic is to add some rustic style kitchen cabinetry. Rustic styled cabinetry really brings your kitchen to another level and adds to the feeling of warmth and comfort. While it may cost you a little more, the end results are well worth it.


Rustic Vanity

No rustic modern home would be complete without a rustic style vanity in the bedroom. A rustic style vanity really is a classic piece that you can easily mix and match with modern pieces. For example, a rustic vanity pairs really well with a modern mirror or lamp. The little touches you add later really will make a huge difference.


Rustic Cabinets

Cabinets are an easy way to add some rustic furniture to your room without having to buy a central piece like a couch. Not only that but you can easily play around with the piece and the colour. It can be almost like adding décor, so why not choose something in colour that will stand out. Not only will it look great, but you can obviously use it as storage as well.