Microwaves for Camping: Luxury on the Move

travel oven 12V 2

If you love the idea of camping but not to the extent of really going back to basics welcome to the club. Before I started camping, I liked the thought of heading out and exploring what the great outdoors has to offer yet since I never managed to convince myself to leave the home comfort behind I wasn’t getting the courage to just make camping part of my lifestyle.

That is until all the different styles of camping emerged, so it was no longer a matter of sleeping in sleeping bags or tents but caravans and motor homes, along with all the popularity of glamping. One of my necessities is to have a comfortable bed with quality soft bedding and my ideal pillow (otherwise I don’t catch all the z’s…) however if I had to add at least one extra necessity on the list it would have to be hot meals and drinks.

travel oven 12V

Not being up for all the trouble with starting my own fire I knew I’d have to include a microwave travel oven 12V in my essential equipment considering giving up warm meals and drinks was never the question. Microwaves are truly a blessing for a camper because they’re lightweight, compact and easy to operate when you want to get a quick and tasty meal on your plate without too much bother.

My advice though would be to pay attention to some basic aspects to be able to make the right choice same way you would take the time to consider the different tools you’d need, or finding the suitable outfits, footwear  and accessories since there are many options of travel oven 12V.

First things first it’s important to take a look at the power rating of a microwave prior to the purchase, check whether it’s 600W, 700W or 800W so you’d be able to establish the power consumption before your camping adventures. Likewise, it’s good to have energy efficiency in mind plus the capacity of the model of your choice, and whether or not there’d be enough power supply if you intend to use more appliances at the same time.

In case of power supply issues, it’s advisable to use the microwave at a lower setting. Furthermore, installation is another aspect you have to take seriously, from finding the adequate spot for the microwave that’s easy to reach, is heat resistant and has enough clearance to having additional space if other installations are required like those that have to do with air circulation.

Take these considerations so you’d buy the microwave oven you need to make your trips comfortable and unforgettable!