How to Decorate Blank Walls and Turn Them Into Stylish Statements


Blank walls provide the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and explore various ways to turn them into artful statements. Imagine that you are the artist and the blank wall in front of you is the canvas waiting to be transformed into a beautiful art piece by the brushstrokes of your imagination.

Although in cases when your interior is imbued with colours, bold furniture and plenty of objects, a blank wall can seem refreshed, in other cases, it gives off a boring, neglected appearance. There are many ways you can enhance the look of your walls and turn them into captivating expressions of your individuality.

From incorporating innovative picture tiles to adorning your wall with expensive shelving, each method offers a distinct way to breathe life into your blank walls and elevate the feel of your living space. Keep reading to find out how you can transform your dull walls and turn them into decorative statements.

Create a Stunning Gallery with Photo Tiles

little girl watching family photo tiles on the wall

Are you looking for a unique way to display your cherished photographs, turning them into lasting pieces of art? By combining elements like high-quality photo tiles with carefully selected art prints, you can turn your cherished memories into intricate wall decorations and create a stunning wall gallery that reflects your unique style.

What makes these framed tiles unique is that they are relatively easy to install, without the need for any nailing and tools. Unlike traditional frames, photo tiles use adhesive strips on the back which enables you to stick them on your wall in any position you like. They can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving any marks on the walls. This feature gives you the freedom to express your creativity and rearrange them in new ways, by exploring different layouts. These versatile pieces can be made from different materials such as canvas, wood, or metal, each offering a distinctive feel.

You can choose photos from your favourite moments such as travel snapshots, family photos, and wedding portraits, and arrange them into a visually appealing pattern. Beyond personal photographs, you can choose sticky picture tiles to display illustrations, graphic designs, meaningful quotes or stunning nature landscapes to infuse a touch of the outdoors inside.

You can harmonise the colours and the theme and craft a unique display of artful pieces that reflect your personality. Once you collect a variety of photos for your chosen theme, you can choose the place where you want to create a stunning gallery. For instance, you can hang the photo tiles for wall in your living room to create a focal point, or display them in your office to surround yourself with moments of inspiration.

In addition to finding the perfect spot, you can choose a size that looks appealing to you, or consider mixing and matching framed tiles in diverse sizes to add a touch of playfulness. One word of advice here is to design the layout on the floor first, as this makes for an easy way to see which arrangement you prefer the most for the walls.

Cover the Entire Wall with Expansive Shelving

Beyond utilising framed sticky tiles to beautify your blank walls, you can explore other artistic ways. For instance, you may consider covering your wall with an expansive shelving design that provides both functional and aesthetic purposes for organising your cherished items. This could be a curated selection of your favourite books, memorabilia, and other decorative elements that are dear to you.

A big shelving that stretches across your wall can become a focal point in your room that draws attention to the viewer. It can serve as a visual narrative, allowing you to display your hobbies and interests and spark a conversation about these meaningful pieces. These large shelving units can be made from various materials such as wood, metal or a combination of both for a more modern feel. Before you opt for the right material, you should pay attention to the other decorative elements in your interior and select a design that accompanies the rest of it.

Infuse Ambiance with String Lights

Another interesting way to adorn your bare wall is to consider adding ambient string lights. These decorative pieces can instantly transform the look of your wall, by providing a warm and cosy ambience. String lights can also make a wonderful addition to highlight the beauty of other decorative items. For instance, you may decide to incorporate them behind your shelving or framed artwork to create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Before you select the ideal design, you should measure your wall and mark the areas where you want to secure your lights. You can use adhesive hooks or clips to fix the lights on the desired spots on your wall. Once you are finished with measuring, you should visualise what you strive to achieve. Are you looking to create a more vibrant atmosphere or do you prefer a more intimate and cosy feel? Depending on your choice, you can opt for a brighter design or choose lights that allow you to adjust the desired brightness to achieve a more subdued ambience.

Adorn Your Wall with Lush Greenery

lush greenery and photo on the wall

String lights are versatile and affordable decorative elements that can instantly elevate the look of your bare walls, yet, there is nothing like bringing a fresh dose of the outdoors into your living space by incorporating a diverse array of lush greenery. To achieve this, you can consider implementing a variety of indoor plants that are low maintenance such as pothos, snake plants, ferns, and others.

To display your plants uniquely, you can invest in wall-mounted planters or floating shelves. In addition to this, you can select planters in various shapes and sizes to add a visual interest. Besides choosing various planter designs, you can mix and match plants of diverse heights to create a vertical garden effect.

For a boho-inspired place, you can opt for macrame hangings that provide ideal support and decorative items for your plants. By embellishing your walls with greenery, you can infuse your space with a relaxing and inviting ambience, and make yourself feel more connected to nature.