Plantation Shutters: A Valuable Treatment for Your Windows


Windows are a significant feature in a home. Besides inviting natural light inside, and helping us lower our use of artificial lighting, they assist with the warmth and cooling of the interior too. In addition to the functionality, they’re crucial in terms of aesthetics and value as well. As such, they deserve consideration when looking for décor upgrades. 

Window covers are a great alteration you could look into, with sleek and easy-to-use blind shutters coming up among the top choices for treatments that provide a high-end result. They’re not like the other typical treatments, whether in the form of fabrics, like curtains and drapes, or sturdy materials like wood blinds. 

Why Should I Get Plantation Shutters?

man fixing a plantation shutter

Versatile as they are, available in all sorts of designs and sizes (e.g. full and half-window coverings, solid panels and bi-fold panels) they give you the flexibility to adorn your home with them in different areas – not just the windows. Have a patio you want to spruce up but don’t know how? Add shutters on the door. Have a balcony, veranda, or porch instead? You got that right – add some shutters into the mix. And, that’s not all these lovely window covers offer. 

Increase in Security

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to make their home just a little bit more safe and secure, right? What if I told you that aside from considering the coverage from a homeowner’s insurance policy, or a security system, you should also count on the help from blind shutters that would serve as an extra layer of protection for your home? 

There are some designs today that give you better control over home access from the windows too thanks to the locking mechanism. This is especially useful for those living in ground-floor apartments or homes with easy access to the windows. 

Added Comfort

What is comfort to you? Maybe it’s the ability to control the natural light that could interfere with you staying in bed longer in the morning. Or perhaps it’s the chance to have an extra layer of privacy to keep those nosy neighbours and passers-by from taking a peek. 

Maybe it’s the control over the sound noise coming from outside if you live in a busy area. Or perhaps it’s a little bit of all of these? Whichever it is, rest assured the plantation shutter of your choice is going to be of assistance with all of these requisites of living comfort. 

Ability to Save Energy

windows with flowers in front of it

That comfort we’re talking about is a given due to the snug fit of the shutters on the windows. Even if you don’t find something that’s the exact design for your windows, some stores provide customisable options to give you the snug fit that benefits comfort and, as a result, the boost in cutting down the use of energy as well. 

As the shutters are a perfect match installed between support beams, there’s no warm or cold weather creeping in through the windows, so you can stay comfortable inside year-round, without getting an increase in the heating or cooling bills. Gone are the days of drafts and heat loss through the windows, while you still get natural light as much as you want.

Incredible Durability

Forget other window treatments – the blind shutters are the go-to option if you want to get a durable design that stands the test of time. Made from high-quality PVC material and aluminium core, they can serve you year after year, even if you live in areas where there’s harsher weather or moisture and humidity. 

A little TLC is needed to keep them in top condition, so all you can expect to do in terms of cleaning and maintenance chores is some occasional dusting with a specialised duster or hand wiper, and wiping with a damp cloth. In case some blade gets damaged, it’s easy to replace it without having to replace the mountings too.

Boost in Appearance

You don’t have to be into the latest and greatest trends, but knowing that these kinds of blinds are timeless certainly gives you more reassurance when deciding to introduce them in your abode. So, no matter how many trends come and go, you can always have peace knowing they’re in style. 

Moreover, their aesthetic is something that can improve the décor, making it seem more spacious (they don’t take up the crucial surrounding window space), and airy. Although made from affordable PVC, they can be stained or painted to get a nice and interesting finish and texture. This incredible upgrade in elegance is just what you need to inject the spaces with some charm and beauty without actually having to splurge on the upgrade. 

At the end of the day, all this together is a strategy that adds to the value of the property which is something worth noting especially for those homeowners who care about this and would perhaps consider selling in the future. All this translates to getting more money afterwards, much more than what you paid for with the installation of the shutters initially.